Conspicuous Consumer WINDFALLS

Strictly Small Time

Artistic endeavor on a grandly minute scale is currently ’ on exhibit at Miniature Image, a gallery, shop and studio recently opened by Dallas miniaturist Jackie Young.

Thirteen circus wagons are now being shown, built on ascale of one foot equalling one inch; the upcoming springdisplay features a garden shop equipped even down to ’minute gardening tools. And on permanent exhibit is “LaCasita,” the adobe hacienda auctioned off at the 1976 ’Museum of Fine Arts Beaux Arts Ball. .

If you’re a miniature artist yourself, Mrs. Young can supply you with equipment, lumber, tools, and even wall-paper and kits for creating your own replicas of furniture. Or, if you’d like to take up the hobby, courses are regularly offered in all phases of the art, from dollhouse planning and construction to needlework in miniature. The Biegart Building, 4801 Lemmon Ave./ 521-1280. – Gail Garvie

Doctor of Flaws

Chipped crystal, once consigned to the oblivion of storage as too marred to use , can now be brought back to light and life through the delicate ministrations of Bernard Beausoleil, a young “glass doctor.” By grinding away a chip to its base and then rebeveling and polishing the ground surface, Beausoleil can restore a crystal glass or goblet to near-perfect condition. Call him at the Ivy House, 369-2411.

Hot Item

Raising the efficiency level of a central air conditioning unit and even preventing its most common problems is, fortunately, relatively easy with the aid of Gene Elwell’s booklet, Is Your Air Conditioner Blowing Cold or Blowing Money? Elwell demonstrates in clear prose and uncomplicated | illustrations how to check a unit’s efficiency, maintain it correctly, and even repair it. Call him at 231-2854.

A Chorus Line

When sending flowers just doesn’t seem special enough, Western Uni-son of Dallas offers a melodic alternative – dispatch a singingtelegram.Foraslow as $10 WU’s singers will warble anything over the telephone; for $15, a uniformed delivery-singer performs in person. Rates and service go up from there. Your message can be sung by choristers who walk to the door across a red carpet rolled out from their chauffeured limousine. To send a message contact Jimmy Carnes at 620-2303.


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