Sewing a Garden

If you’re one of those people whose expertise in gardening is so slight that even Johnson grass withers under your care, but who still desires to enliven a decor with flowers, try one which requires neither light nor water, but merely appreciation; a fabric flower from Susan’s Stems.

In her newly-opened studio at Olla Podrida, Susan Kaminsky creates a wide variety of arrangements; currently displayed both for sale as well as perhaps to inspire a personalized gift are such designs as a bark-filled decanter topped with a suede-cloth flower. Ms. Kaminsky can acccmmodate any special request, from matching the color or fabric of a living room decor to duplicating a favorite flower.

Expense is largely determined by the complexity of the desired design, fabric, and center material, but she’s willing to work within most any price range. Call for an appointment if the hours are not convenient. Susan’s Stems. The Olla Podrida. 12215 Coit Rd #260 /387-0797. Wed 10-5:30. Thurs 1:30-9. Fri 2-5:30. Sat 10-5:30.

A Sight for Four Eyes

Glasses are enjoying so much popularity that fashion designers such as Cardin and Givenchy are getting into the act. The only problem with their designs is that, while you may see yourself in one, you’re likely to see somebody else in it, too. If you want a unique style, Brandie Hall and Keith Boyd at Medical City Optical are the people to go to.

From the simplest of ornaments, such as a butterfly or an initial letter set in a lens, to a multi-colored, gem-mounted pair, Hall and Boyd’s creations can possess an originality limited only by your wishes. They do all the dyeing and mounting themselves, and Ms. Hall will help you create a pair suitable for any occasion, whether it be for dress, sport, or both. The range of her ideas so far includes grey and blue lenses in cloud shapes; she can even help you literally see the world through rose-colored glasses.

Not all optical prescriptions allow for extensive creativity, of course, but Hall and Boyd can personalize any glasses at least to some extent, so that afterward, you’ll be seeing as well as anybody – you just won’t look like anybody else. Medical City Optical. Medical City Dallas, Forest Ln at Coit/661-7960.

You’ll Roux the Day

Despite its proximity to both Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico, Dallas is not the place to find Cajun food. There are a few out-of-the-ordinary dishes at a couple of local restaurants, but for the most part you might do well to try cooking it yourself with the products to be found at Martin Louisiana Seafood.

A wholesale company which markets frozen fish and prepared dishes, Martin Louisiana recently opened a retail store in Dallas where you can find both fresh fish for making your own dishes as well as their own line of such items as crayfish bisque, stuffed crabs, and gumbo. The variety of fresh seafood is wide; they carry crayfish in season, red snapper, boiled blue crabs, and even frog legs.

If you don’t know, for example, even what a roux is, they’ll be glad to assist you with a selection of cookbooks, sauces, and seasonings. Martin Louisiana Seafoods. 1005 Preston Royal Plaza/691-9282.

Don’t Step on My Blue Suede Sofa

Unless you happen to own a sausage business, probably the only pigskin-covered item you feel you can afford is a football. And even if upholstery suede were available – which often it’s not – its price is usually prohibitive. But Lucia Refoy, in conjunction with Wolverine Leather, has developed a covering whose advantages, including financial ones, number almost as high as its possibilities.

The primary advantage to this pigskin suede is its price; at $3.50 a square foot, it might tempt you to cover not only the sofa but even the walls. Just as imoortant. the leather has been treated so that, while maintaining its softness, it resists stains such as coffee, beer, and ink; if you don’t believe it, the people at the Suede Shop will be delighted to demonstrate.

Ms. Refoy, a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers, displays and sells the leather at her shop; the crafts-minded person can pick up scraps for a mere $2 per pound. And if you’re not skilled in covering furniture yourself, you classes, which are offered on den The Suede Shop at Lucia Interiors 32 Dal Rich Shopping Cent-son/231-8214.

Party Lines

As anyone with children will tell you, planning and executing a party for them can result in either a complete failure or a rousing success. To help you be assured of the latter, the Junior Group of the Dallas Garden Club has compiled Make a Party Grow, which abounds in suggestions for children’s parties for any occasion.

Parties for each month are planned in full detail, from the design of the invitations and decorations down to complementary games and refreshments. Types of festivities include a “Little Ladies’ Garden Party” and a pirate party; the authors even offer ideas for what to do at last minute get-togethers, such as art contests and doll fashion shows.

The book also contains much-needed listings of “Mother’s Helpers,” people to contact for puppet shows, magician and clown performances, and even pony rides. Places which offer special services such as roller skating are listed as well.

Make a Party Grow is available at $5.25 at most specialty shops, children’s stores, and bookstores in the area; to order by mail, send $5.75 to Make a Party Grow, P.O. Box 20857, Dallas. Tx. 75220.

Another help for party-givers is the Dallas Junior League Cookbook, a hardcover edition of 800 recipes for the novice or gourmet, all provided by some of Dallas’ finest cooks.

One section of the book gives complete party plans, including menus and apes, with ideas for decorations and invitations. Plus ideas on how to make for Christmas or birthdays, and im-aginative ways of packaging them.

To order by mail, send $10.15 to the wallas Junior League Cookbook, 5500 Greenville, Suite 803. Dallas, Tx. 75206.


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