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#124 Taxing Deductions

Ever since Epimenides started worrying about the Cretan who said that all Cretans are liars, logic problems have been a favorite pastime of the populace. Puzzles have been restated and embellished over the years to the point that it is virtually impossible to establish actual authorship. My general sources for this collection of problems were Martin Gardner, John Paul Adams, Lewis Carroll, Gerald L. Kaufman, Sam Loyd, George J. Summers, Henry Ernest Dudeney, and whatever sources they originally depended on. The only problem entirely of my own creation is number 7. Number 1 also has an original twist, though it is a classic type of problem.

The idea of this month’s game is to use deductive reasoning to unravel the difficulties, and then enter the answer in the box corresponding to the problem number. The boxes will yield an expression at the end of the solving process. None of the puzzles are too difficult. (But then, all generalizations are false! Take that, Epimenides. )

Send the completed puzzle, or a reasonable facsimile, with name and address to Puzzling, D Magazine, 2902 Carlisle, Dallas 75204. All correct solutions will be held for one week after receipt of the first entry, at which time a drawing will take place to determine the winners. First winner will receive a $25 cash prize. Runner-up will receive a free one-year subscription to D Magazine. Winners and completed puzzle will appear in the October issue.