Monkey Business

Behind every superstar there’s usually a good manager whose knowledge and talents are as vast as that of his client. In this case, the star is a chimpanzee named Deena, and the manager, Mike Stower, of the Bamboo Pet Shop.

Deena, a three-year-old chimp, is veritably a natural for parties; her ability to entertain is equaled by her social graces. She’s available for both children’s and adults’ parties, sales promotions, and the like for $35 an hour. She can be reached by calling 352-9956.

If Stower’s name sounds familiar, it’s because of his animal-tattooing service, which has kept many a pet from being stolen and then sold. The process costs $20, and in three minutes, the owner’s social security number or driver’s license number is permanently marked on the animal. Should the pet be lost, information may be given or received on it through a 24 hour hot line (352-9956) seven days a week; services such as the A.S.P.C.A. and city pounds are also notified. To inquire about the tattooing service, call Stower at 352-7154 or drop by the Bamboo Pet Shop, 5607 W. Lovers Ln.

Finally, Stower, discontented with the fact that hot lines exist for obtaining information on everything except animals, now has one on his radio show; listeners can call in to ask questions and to discuss problems. The show is broadcast Mon.-Fri. 4:30-4:45 on KDTX (102.9 FM); the hot line number is 350-1029.

Graphic Examples

Murals, or wall graphics, as they are now known, aren’t just for the Da Vincis or Diego Riveras anymore, or their clients, for that matter. Although relatively few graphic artists work in Dallas compared to the number in other cities of its size, this lack is more than made up for by the Wall Nuts, who design and execute wall graphics both original and affordable.

Patty Hart and Penny Johnson are commercial artists who resigned from a prominent Dallas company in April to begin their own. Their level of excellence is attested to by their almost immediate success; they have contracts with more than one national company to do graphics for restaurants and stores. The Wall Nuts can also enhance any residence or business, working with or without an interior designer, and have filled orders as diverse as an oversized crayola personalized with a child’s name and a multi-colored sunrise covering an entire wall.

The Wall Nuts have their work coordinated so that they can complete most jobs within a couple of days; and when the job’s done, you keep the paint. Prices begin at about $100; however, cost naturally depends on the time and the size desired. They can be reached at 423-7686.

Ish About Time

One advantage to living in Dallas is that if an interesting merchandising concept didn’t originate here, eventually it will get here. As tar as we’re concerned, it took too long for one company to open in Dallas: The Shop of John Simmons.

Opened in mid-July, John Simmons at NorthPark is an unusual combination of both the practical and the whimsical in the accessory and gift categories. One of their most popular items to date is the “chorus line” of Mary Jane-footed mugs; such ingenuity is matched by items such as a six-foot carved wooden ostrich that’s also a bar, a line of cardboard luggage guaranteed to fall apart eventually, and a clock which registers the time in “ishes.” (As in “It’s elev-enish.”)

Kitchen accessories and tableware are two areas in which the shop excels. Simmons is the first to carry dishes in which you can bake and serve the “better” lines of frozen foods, so your guests won’t know that dinner came out of a box instead of a cookbook. They also carry hand-blown stemware and stoneware, the work by the McCar-tys of Merigold, Mississippi, ranking far above the ordinary.

John Simmons’ calendar is packed with events not just year-round but daily as well: at 4 p.m. they fill a gas pump with wine; occasionally on Sundays they hold openings of shows of artists exhibiting in the store. And in October, John Simmons begins a gourmet cooking school, the first series of classes to be in dietetic French cooking.446 North-Park. 363-3082.


Since the state of Texas wasn’t officially annexed until 1845, you may well wonder what Dallas’ history has to do with the Bicentennial (that is, if you can bear to think about the Bicentennial at all). The answer is that Dallas didn’t have much to do with the American Revolution – aside from being the future home of a rather large D.A.R. chapter – but Dallas does have a history which is visible, tangible, and worth looking for, as evinced by the Dallas County Heritage Trails Map.

The map, compiled by the Dallas County Historical Commission and Heritage Trails Map Committee, indicates 17 trails in all areas of the county. One advantage to the map is that the term “historical site” has been loosely used, so that the map’s readers are rewarded not only by the predictable mention of John Neely Bryan’s cabin but also by the inclusion of 20th century sites such as Dallas’ only Frank Lloyd Wright house.

At 50¢ a copy, the map is a bargain, and owning a copy guarantees that the next time you have out-of-town visitors, you’ll have someplace interesting to show them besides the Texas School-book Depository. You can buy the map at Old City Park and most Chambers of Commerce. Old City Park, 421-7800.

The Sherlock of Homes

To a certain type of consumer, buying an old house and renovating it is as exciting a venture as purchasing a “no-down-payment, cheaper-than-renting” tract house is to another. But before you take out a mortgage on a house, how can you make sure you’re not being taken, too? While the integrity of the majority of real estate agents is not to be disputed, the ability of many of them to discern the remaining life of a dishwasher or an electrical system may not rank significantly above your own. And you might think that a reliable home inspector is hard to find in Dallas – unless you’ve heard of Meruss Company.

This home inspection service is staffed by graduate engineers who have been serving both real estate agents and individual buyers for several years. They inspect everything from the roof to the heating system, and upon completion, provide the customer with an itemized report. The price ranges from $40 for 4,000 square feet or less to $50 for larger residences.

Meruss Company’s qualifications are high: they’re bonded as well as insured by a manufacturer’s and contractor’s general liability insurance policy. Further, they do not recommend repairmen, so you can be sure that you’re the one who profits by their inspection – not a contractor who has an “in” with the company. Finally, after completing an inspection, they’ll provide you with a booklet replete with hints for maintaining your home. For more information, call 661-3838. 13031 Coit Rd., Suite 123.

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