The Biggest, Meanest, Toughest Dallas Sports Trivia Contest Ever

Here you go, sports fan.

You’ve always thought that you were #1. Dallas’ Greatest Fan. You suffered with the Cowboys in the Cotton Bowl days (remember Warren Livingston?). Then you basked in their Super Bowl glory. You laughed to keep from crying with the Dallas Chaparrals (remember Wayne Hightower?). Then you waved them good-bye. You’ve done your time in the State Fair Coliseum with the Black Hawks (remember Clyde “The Chief Simon?). And you’re wondering if the hockey big leagues will ever come. You’ve lived and died with the Texas Rangers (remember. . . .yes, of course you remember). And you’re still dying.

So now you think you’re #1. Well, here’s your chance to prove it.

This quiz involves only Dallas sports teams and sports figures (except for the Bonus Tiebreakers which are on the national sports level). This quiz does not deal with the deep dark past. After all, we could have asked you the score of the 1927 SMU-North Texas State game (it was 68-0 for the Ponies). It does not deal with insignificant obscurities. We could have asked you to identify Mustafa Sabankaya (Mustafa played goalie for the Tornado in ’68-’69, twice knocking himself out diving into his own goalpost). It doesn’t deal with petty statistics. We could have asked you the attendance figure of the smallest crowd the Cowboys ever played before (it was 4,954 in 1961 pre-season against the Minnesota Vikings in Sioux Falls). This quiz is tough, but not absurd.

Scoring: All questions are worth 1 point except where indicated. Some questions with multiple answers are worth 2 points: one point will be awarded for getting half or more than half of the correct answer. Two points will be awarded only if the answer is totally correct. Winners will be judged on total points scored for the 33 questions. In case of ties, the Bonus Tiebreakers will be used, with one point being awarded for each correct answer. If a tie still remains, the Ultimate Tiebreaker will be used. If that doesn’t do it, the winner will be decided by a drawing at the D Magazine offices.

Prizes: Grand Prize: A 21-inch RCA XL-100 color television set – the essential piece of equipment for the true sports fan. Second and Third Prizes: Cowboy tickets – each of the first two runner-ups will win a package of four reserved seat tickets; each package will include two tickets to the Dallas-St. Louis Cardinals game on November 25 and two tickets to the Dallas-Washington Redskins game December 12. Ten Runner-up Prizes: Each of the next ten runner-ups will receive a free one-year subscription to D Magazine. All winners’ names, along with the correct answers, will appear in the December issue of D.

An answer blank is provided on page 80. You may use this blank or a reasonable facsimile. Mail to Sports Quiz, D Magazine, 2902 Carlisle, Dallas 75204. All entries must be received by Wednesday, November 3, 1976.

Please note: The offices of all Dallas sports teams and individuals mentioned in the quiz have agreed, in the spirit of competition and for the sake of their receptionists, not to give information pertinent to the quiz.

Good luck. May the best fan win.

1. Who scored the Dallas Cowboys’ first regular season touchdown ever?

2. Who is the youngest player ever to perform for the Texas Rangers in a regularseason game?

3.What Dallas professional team has playedregular season home games in Texas Stadium, the Cotton Bowl, and Arlington(Turnpike) Stadium?

4. In the Dallas Black Hawks’ nine-year history, what player has appeared in the mostregular season games in a Hawks uniform?

5. What is Kyle Rote Jr.’s middle name?

6. At the beginning of the ’76 exhibition season, only two Dallas Cowboy first rounddraft choices were no longer active playersin pro football. Name them.

7. In the six-year history of the World Championship of Tennis finals, at least one lefthander has made the final field of eightplayers each year. Name all lefties who have made the Dallas WCT finals. (2 points)

8. The University of Texas has been the hostin the Cotton Bowl Football Classic moretimes than any other Southwest Conference school. But what school has been thevisiting team most often?

9. Name the highest scorer (total careerpoints with the Chaparrals) in Dallas Chaparral history?

10. List all the men named to manage theTexas Rangers. (2 points)

11. Only one Dallas player has ever led hisprofessional football league in yards gainedrushing in a season. Who is he?

12. Only one golfer who has played in theByron Nelson Classic (Dallas Open) andthe Colonial Invitational more than seven times each has finished in the money every time he’s entered. Who carries this impressive streak?

13. Dallas defeated Miami in Super Bowl VIof 1972. Name the Pokes’ starting offensiveline (tackle-to-tackle) for that Super Bowlgame. (2 points)

14. Who hit the Texas Rangers’ first American League home run in Arlington Stadium and what pitcher did he hit it off? (2points)

15. Name the first woman ever to scorepoints in a Southwest Conference athleticevent.

16. In the 1970’s, only one Dallas Cowboyrunning back has had a run of more than50 yards from scrimmage in a regular season game. Who is he?

17. Before the ’76 season, how many nativeborn Americans had scored goals for the Dallas Tornado in the club’s nine years of regular season play?

18. Name all the head coaches in the DallasChaparrals’ history. (2 points)

19. The Dallas Cowboys have drafted onlyone SMU quarterback in their 16-year history. Who was this SMU signal caller?

20. Only one Dallas native has ever won aworld boxing championship. Who is he?

21. The Dallas Texans played three American Football League seasons in Dallas before moving to Kansas City where they’vebeen the Chiefs for 13 years. But the Dallas Texans-Kansas City Chiefs franchiserecord for most pass receptions in a seasonwas set by a Dallas Texan and has neverbeen broken. Name him.

22. Of all Dallas Cowboy players who suitedup for last season’s Super Bowl X againstPittsburgh, only two were originally obtained in trades. Who were they?

23. How many men have played catcher in aregular season game in the Texas Rangers’five-year history up to September 1, 1976?(Just the number – no names)

24. Of all former Dallas Black Hawks, which one has gone on to score more goals than any of the others in a single National Hockey League season?

25. At the beginning of the ’76 season, of thetop seven all-time Cowboy pass receivers,only one remains active. Who is he?

26. Only once in PGA history has a golferwon the Fort Worth and the Dallas PGAevents in the same year. Name him.

27. In the 1960’s, which Dallas professionalteams won their league championships?

28. Only one of the present nine SouthwestConference schools has never had an alumnus play for the Dallas Cowboys. Namethe school.

29. Name the Dallas Chaparrals’ startinglineup for their final game in Dallas inMarch of 1972. (2 points)

30. Only two Dallas Cowboy players haveever had a run of more than 70 yards from scrimmage in a regular season game. But one of those players did it twice. Who is he?

31. One man, who first played with the Dallas Tornado soccer team, has gone on tolead three other different North AmericanSoccer League teams in season scoring during the past three years. Who is he?

32. Name the five winningest pitchers inTexas Ranger history before the start ofthe ’76 season. (2 points)

33. Only two rookies have ever led the DallasCowboys in scoring for a season. Namethem.

Bonus Tiebreakers

1. There have been nine Triple Crown winners in thoroughbred racing history. Butonly once has one Triple Crown winnersired another Triple Crown champion.Name this famous father and son pair.

2. Ranger manager Frank Lucchesi has neverappeared in a major league game as a player. Of the other major league managers at the start or the ’76 major league season, name those who, like Lucchesi, had never appeared as a player in a major league game.

3. Scoring 2000 points in a pro basketball season has now become commonplace. But who was the first player ever to score 2000 points in a National Basketball Association season?

4. Only one man ever played in an NBA championship series and pitched in a World Series. Who is he?

5. Most trivia buffs remember Eddie Gaedel, the midget that Bill Veeck sent up as a pinch hitter. But who pitched to the St. Louis Browns midget that day and walked him on four pitches?

Ultimate Tiebreaker

Who was the first Dallas Cowboy ever to touch the football in a regular season game?


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