Who Owns Those Boxes Anyway?

In case it does get cold this winter, the best place to watch Cowboy home games is from, of course, a Texas Stadium suite. The comfort of an enclosed suite, complete with bar and television, assures one of enjoying the game much more than the poor people sitting outside in the $10 seat

Finding a way into a stadium suite on a given Sunday isn’t the easiest thing to do. It requires knowing somebody who owns one, and then finagling an invitation. Naturally the closer your suite is to the 50-yard line, the better the view will be. If you want to go for broke and try to wangle an invitation to a really first class location, here are a few prospects, owners of the best located suites in Texas Stadium.

On the lower level (which is preferable): John Murchison, Texas Bank & Trust, American Liberty Oil, Mrs. Donald Carter and Tyler Corporation. On the other side, Clint Murchison Jr., Sanders Campbell, Max L. Thomas, Estill Heyser Jr., Herman Lay and the Southland Corporation (7-Eleven

On the upper level: Jack Young-blood, Charles Rush, Bankston Lincoln Mercury, Tom Landry (he won’t be there), Travis Ward and General Portland. On the other side, Amon Carter Jr., Dresser Industries, Southland Corporation (in case you can’t get into their lower level suite), Texas Stadium Corporation, Tex Schramm, Stadium Associates and First National Bank.

These are definitely the prime locations. If, however, you’d be willing to take second best, here are other owners of $50,000 Texas Stadium suites. These are still preferable to sitting out there in the $10 seat.

Robin Action

Walter W. Ahschlager, Jr.

Hal Anderson

Arcon, Inc.

Associates Corp., of N. America

Atlas Power Company

Peter W. Baldwin

Barshell, Inc.

Harry Bass

Thomas G. Beckett, III

Howard J. Blender

Roland S. Bond

Gilbert Bright

Herman Blum


C & H Transportation

Ben H. Carpenter

S.L. Cashion

Centex Corporation

H.E. Chiles

Circle 7

City of Irving

O.W. Coburn

M.T. Cochran, Jr.

Robert S. Coit

Mrs. Calvert Collins

Bill Compton



Contran Corporation

Connectors Corporation

Edwin L. Cox

John L. Cox

Dallas Federal Savings & Loan

Dallas International Bank

Cullen Davis

Dr Pepper Bottling Company

Leonard Duckworth

El Fenix-Martinez Designs, Inc.

Van Calvin Ellis

English Color & Supply Corporation

E-Systems, Inc.

First National Bank in Dallas

Ben Forston

Fox & Jacobs

H.C. Franklin

L.R. French

W.M. Fuller

Joe Geary

General American Oil Company

General Electric Company

Gifford-Hill American, Inc.

Golden Distributing

Good Times

Charles Greener

Haggar Company

Ed Ft. Haggar

Hawk Associates

Heinz U.S.A.

Home Interiors & Gifts

Igloo Corporation

Investment Management

Irving Bank & Trust Company

Irving, City of

Korner Klub



Henry Kyle

Las Colinas Corporation

Lawler Development Company

Lectric Safety Lites

E.H. & Margaret A. Leede Trust

R.W. Levy

Jim Ling

Lomas & Nettleton Financial Corporation

Mrs. Ralph Lowe


Mel McClung

David & Bill McDavid

John Magness

Manor Baking Company

Mary Kay Cosmetics

A.H. Meadows

Mercantile National Bank

Henry S. Miller

W.A. Moncrief, Jr.

Tom H. Mooney

Murray Financial Corporation

National Bank of Commerce

National Data Communications, Inc.

National Mechanical Corporation

Normandy, Inc.

North Dallas Bank & Trust Company

Oak Farms

Henry Pearson

Philip Specialty Company

Mack Pogue

Troy V. Post

Poston Real Estate Company

Precision Motors

Paul M. Raigorodsky

B.M. Rankin

Ray-O-Vac Division

Republic National Bank

Lawson Ridgeway

Robintech Incorporated

Sammons Management, Inc.

J.M. Staffer

Howard R. Sluyter

Southland Life Insurance Company

Southwest Airlines

Southwestern States General

Steakley Brothers, Inc.

Stephenson & Associates

Jerry D. Stiles

Alan Sumner

Three Circle Suites Company

Three M Company

Triangle Pacific

Tri-State Theaters

Alfred Tyler

Universal Resources Corporation

Van Calvin Ellis

Jack C. Vaughn

W. Ray Wallace

HerbWalne, Jr.

MA. Ward, Sr.

Garry A. Weber

Weil McLain Company

Western Company of North America

Western Trio Cattle Company

White Rock National Bank of Dallas

Dick Williamson

Willowbrook, Inc.

David Witts

Howard B. Wolf


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