Report Cards Revisited – an Update

In our June 1975 issue, D Magazine handed out report cards to members of the Dallas County legislative delegation based on their work (or lack of it) in the legislative session. A majority of the legislators received excellent or passing marks in each of our categories: initiative, leadership, homework, character, deportment and attendance.

However, several flunked – state senators Bill Braecklein and Ike Harris; and state representatives Paul Rags-dale, Al Korioth, Sam Hudson, Frank Gaston and T.H McDonald.

With the November elections almost here, we decided to revisit the seven and update the report.

Paul Ragsdale, the Democrat liberal black from Oak Cliff, is the only one of the seven who failed to draw opposition this year.

Al Korioth, from the Carrollton-Farmers Branch area, already has been defeated in the Republican spring primary, which may be the first time an incumbent has been turned out of office in a Republican primary in Dallas County.

Ike Harris, veteran Republican senator, has token opposition from Democrat Jim McNees in the heavily Republican District 8. He can expect easy re-election.

Bill Braecklein, the other senator, has his hands full with Republican challenger Tom Pauken in District 16. Insiders say the youthful and aggressive Pauken could well produce an upset on November 2.

Frank Gaston also faces possible upset – he has been out-campaigned so far by Democratic challenger Ray Keller in District 33-M. Gaston,whose grades last summer included an F in homework, has been unsuccessful in refuting Keller’s charges that he has been a “dormant” public servant.

Sam Hudson is on only slightly more comfortable ground in District 33-C. After a tough primary campaign against no fewer than five challengers, he now faces Republican challenger Jerry C. Tate, who predictably is attacking the incumbent on his poor attendance.

T.H. McDonald, the septuagenarian representative from Mesquite District 33-I, once again faces charges of a lackluster legislative record (he received F’s in initiative and leadership last summer), this time at the hands of Republican challenger Jerry Attaway, a youthful and vigorous campaigner.


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