Classified Information

This classified ad ran in the Dallas Morning News:

M & M Models

11325 Preston Rd. Beautiful ladies to do nude modeling and massage for the discerning gentleman. Male models and couples also available. For appointment call 521-2493.

This one didn’t:

A growing, exciting youngcompany has a job to fillthat is not very much fun.We need an intelligent person to maintain a computerized customer file and handle customer service.Requires attention to detail.Also requires patience indealing with little old ladies.Even though the job is oftentedious and sometimes infuriating, we are such aneat group of people thatwe think we can attract aneat person to fill it. Salarycompetitive. Beautiful, sexy, interesting people preferred over dull, mechanical, dumb people. Resumes to Box 39-S

It was rejected because a classified advertising supervisor (a little old lady who required patience) didn’t like the wording. Or maybe because that department does not prefer beautiful, sexy, interesting people over dull, mechanical, dumb people? Ah, but it was a blessing in disguise – the Times Herald ran the ad without question. Box 39-S got a lot of applicants and hired one who fits the specifications perfectly.


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