It seems this quiz was even tougher than we thought. How tough was it? This quiz was so tough . . . Norm Hitz-ges, the author of the quiz, was talking to a woman he knows; she told him that her boss had enjoyed the quiz but was stumped by the last question, the “ultimate tiebreaker,” which asked the name of the first Dallas Cowboy ever to touch the football in a regular season game. “My boss,” she said, “played for the Cowboys in that game and even he can’t remember who touched the ball first.” “What’s your boss’ name?” Norm asked. “Tom Franckhauser,” she replied. “Tom Franckhauser?!” screamed Norm. “That’s the answer. He is the answer.” Now that’s tough.

All the more reason to offer special congratulations to the winners:

Grand Prize (Color TV) Winner: Fred A. Shapiro (who extends credit for assistance to Don Shapiro, Dan Stewart, and Bob Brown). This entry scored 37 out of the possible 40 points and correctly answered all tiebreakers.

Second Prize (Cowboy Tickets) Winner: Boo Allen. He also scored 37 points but on tiebreaker #2 (major league managers who never played) Allen added Walter Alston – Alston had one at bat for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1936. That was the difference.

Third Prize (Cowboy Tickets) Winner: Jay T. Strickland. 36 points plus all tiebreakers.

Runner Up Prizes (D Magazine subscriptions): Wesley R. Young (36 points), Larry Smith (36), Jim Hartnett (35), Paul B. Wehner (35), Dudley A. Jahnke (35), Max J. Gardner (35), Bill Melton (33), Tom Johnson (33), Frank Swingle (33), and Lloyd Miller (33).

1. Who scored the Dallas Cowboys’first regular season touchdown ever?Jim Doran caught a touchdown passfrom Eddie LeBaron 2:09 deep in theCowboys’ first regular season game in1960 against Pittsburgh.

2. Who is the youngest player ever toperform for the Texas Rangers in a regular season game? David Clyde was 18years old and straight out of high schoolwhen he made his debut for the Rangers.

3. What Dallas professional team hasplayed regular season home games inTexas Stadium, the Cotton Bowl, andArlington (Turnpike) Stadium? The Dallas Tornado.

4. In the Dallas Black Hawks’ nine-year-history, what player has appearedin the most regular season games in aHawks uniform? J.P. LeBlanc appearedin 333 games.

5. What is Kyle Rote Jr.’s middlename? Kyle. His full name is WilliamKyle Rote, Jr.

6. At the beginning of the 76 exhibition season, only two Dallas Cowboysfirst round draft choices were no longeractive players in pro football. Namethem. Bob Lilly (of course) and DennisHoman (remember him?). Credit wasalso given for Bill Thomas, who wastechnically active with the Oilers butwas “retired” at the outset of trainingcamp.

7. In the six-year history of the WorldChampionship of Tennis finals, at leastone left-hander has made the final fieldof eight players each year. Name all lefties who have made the Dallas WCT finals. Rod haver (1971, ’72, ’73, ’74, ’75),Roger Taylor C73), Roscoe Tanner (’75),Mark Cox (’75), and Guillermo VilasC76).

8. The University of Texas has been the host in the Cotton Bowl Football Classic more times than any other Southwest Conference School. But what school has been the visiting team most often? The University of Alabama has made four Cotton Bowl appearances.

9. Name the highest scorer (total career points with the Chaparrals) in Dallas Chaparral history? John Beasleywith 5,893 career points.

10. List all the men named to managethe Texas Rangers. A bit tricky. The obvious answers are Ted Williams, Whi-tey Herzog, Billy Martin and FrankLucchesi. But there’s a fifth – afterHerzog was fired, Del Wilbur was summoned from the Rangers triple-A affiliate in Spokane and named the interimmanager. He managed one game, wonit, and then gave way to the hiring ofBilly Martin.

11. Only one Dallas player has everled his professional football league inyards gained rushing in a season. Who is he? A bner Haynes of the Dallas Texans led the AFL in rushing in 1960.

12. Only one golfer who has played inthe Byron Nelson Classic (Dallas Open)and the Colonial Invitational more thanseven times each has finished in themoney every time he’s entered. Whocarries this impressive streak? DaveStockton has entered the Dallas Open/Byron Nelson nine times and the Colonial nine times and finished in the money every time.

13. Dallas defeated Miami in SuperBowl VI of 1972. Name the Pokes’ starting offensive line (tackle-to-tackle) for that Super Bowl game. Tony Liscio, Blaine Nye, Dave Manders, John Ni-land, and Rayfield Wright.

Who hit the Texas Rangers’ firstAmerican League home run in Arlington Stadium and what pitcher did hehit it off? Frank Howard slugged oneoff of none other than lefthander ClydeWright, then with the California Angels, in the very first inning of the Rangers’ first home game of 1972.

Name the first woman ever toscore points in a Southwest Conferenceathletic event. Christine Loock of SMU in diving.

16. In the 1970’s, only one DallasCowboy running back has had a run ofmore than 50 yards from scrimmage ina regular season game. Who is he? Thisquestion should have read 55 yards, inwhich case the answer is Duane Thomas who ran 56 yards against New England in 1971, the Cowboys’ longest runfrom scrimmage in the ’70’s. Credit alsogiven for Robert Newhouse (54 yards vs.Philadelphia, 1973) and Charley Young(53 yards vs. Houston, 1974).

Before the ’76 season, how manynative born Americans had scored goalsfor the Dallas Tornado in the club’snine years of regular season play? Onlyone – Kyle Rote, Jr.

Name all the head coaches in the Dallas Chaparral’s history. There were six: Cliff Hagan, Max Williams, Bill Blakely, Tom Nissalke, Babe McCarthy and Dave Brown.

19. The Dallas Cowboys have draftedonly one SMU quarterback in their 16-year history. Who was this SMU signalcaller? The answer is not Don Meredith,who was acquired by trade in 1960 fromthe Chicago Bears who had just draftedhim. The answer is Keith Bobo, whowas drafted by Dallas in the 12th roundin 1974.

20. Only one Dallas native has everwon a world boxing championship. Whois he? Curtis Cokes.

21. The Dallas Texans played threeAmerican Football League seasons inDallas before moving to Kansas Citywhere they’ve been the Chiefs for 13years. But the Dallas Texans-KansasCity Chiefs franchise record for mostpass receptions in a season was set by aDallas Texan and has never been broken. Name him.Chris Burford, the Stanford flash.

22. Of all the Dallas Cowboy playerswho suited up for last season’s SuperBowl X against Pittsburgh, only twowere originally obtained in trades. Whowere they? Ralph Neely from Houstonand Clint Longley from Cincinnati. Neither ever appeared in a game with their original teams.

23. How many men have playedcatcher in a regular season game in theTexas Rangers’ five-year history up toSeptember 1, 1976? Fourteen. For yourbemusement, here they are: Jim Sund-berg, Bill Fahey, John Ellis, Ron Pruitt,John Wockenfuss, Duke Sims, RichBillings, Ken Suarez, Rich Stelmaszek,Hal King, Bill Sudakis, Len Randle,Joe Lovitto and Roy Smalley. Now youknow why the Rangers claim Sundbergis untouchable.

24. Of all former Dallas Black Hawks,which one has gone on to score moregoals than any of the others in a singleNational Hockey League season? CliffKoroll, who played for Dallas in the ’68-69 season, tallied 33 goals for Chicagoof the NHL in’72-73.

25. At the beginning of the ’76 season,of the top seven all-time Cowboy passreceivers, only one remains active. Whois he? Calvin Hill.

26. Only once in PGA history has agolfer won the Fort Worth and DallasPGA events in the same year. Namehim. Ben Hogan in 1946.

27. In the 1960’s, which Dallas professional teams won their league championships? The Dallas Texans and theDallas Black Hawks.

28. Only one of the present nine Southwest Conference schools has never had an alumnus play for the Dallas Cowboys. Name the school. A problem here. Arkansas, our answer, was not listed in the honor roll of colleges in the Cowboys’ press book. Cowboy receiver Lance Alworth, however, was from Arkansas. Everybody gets a point.

29. Name the Dallas Chaparrals’starting lineup for their final game inDallas in March of 1972. The Chaparrals’ final game was in March of the ’72-73 season – that starting lineup wasJames Silas, Barry Jones, Bob Netol-icky, Coby Dietrich and Eugene (Goo)Kennedy. Credit also given for theMarch 1972 lineup: Simmie Hill, RichJones, Steve Jones, Donnie Freemanand Goo Kennedy.

30. Only two Dallas Cowboy playershave ever had a run of 70 yards or morefrom scrimmage in a regular seasongame. But one of those players did ittwice. Who is he? Amos Marsh, with arun of 71 yards against the Giants in1961 and a 70-yard ramble against theRedskins in 1962.

31. One man, who first played withthe Dallas Tornado soccer team, hasgone on to lead three other differentNorth American Soccer League teamsin season scoring during the past threeyears. Who is he? John Coyne playedwith Dallas in 1974 and was traded early in the season. He went on to Boston in ’74, to Toronto in ’75 and to Hartford in ’76 and led each of those teams in scoring.

32. Name the five winningest pitchersin Texas Ranger history before the startof the 76 season. Fergie Jenkins won 42games for the Texans in two seasons totop the list. The others are Jim Bibby(30 wins), Steve Hargan (21), JackieBrown (18) and Steve Foucault (18).

33. Only two rookies have ever led theDallas Cowboys in scoring for a season.Name them. Both were kickers: DickVan Raaphorst in 1964 and Efren Her-rera in 1974.

Bonus Tiebreakers

1. There have been nine Triple Crownwinners in thoroughbred racing history.But only once has one Triple Crownwinner sired another Triple Crownchampion. Name this famous fatherand son pair. Gallant Fox, the 1930 Triple Crown winner, sired Omaha, whotook the Triple Crown in 1935.

2. Ranger manager Frank Lucchesihas never appeared in a major leaguegame as a player. Of the other majorleague managers at the start of the ’76major league season, name those who,like Lucchesi, had never appeared as aplayer in a major league game. EarlWeaver of Baltimore, Karl Kuehl ofMontreal, Dave Bristol of Atlanta, Dan-ny Ozark of Philadelphia and John Mc-Namara of San Diego.

3. Scoring 2,000 points in a pro basketball season has now become commonplace. But who was the first player everto score 2,000 points in a National Basketball Association season? George Yard-ley of the Detroit Pistons tossed in 2,001points in 1957-58.

4. Only one man ever played in anNBA championship series and pitchedin a World Series. Who is he? Gene Con-ley pitched for the Milwaukee Braves inthe 1957-58 Series and played backupcenter behind the legendary Bill Russellfor the Boston Celtics in the 1959-60NBA championships.

5. Most trivia buffs remember EddieGaedel, the midget that Bill Veeck sentup as a pinch hitter. But who pitched tothe St. Louis Browns’ midget that dayand walked him on four pitches?Detroit’s Bob Cain faced Gaedel andwalked him on four pitches. It wasCain’s first and last year with the Tigers.

Ultimate Tiebreaker

Who was the first Dallas Cowboy everto touch the football in a regular seasongame? The now famous Tom Franck-hauser returned the opening kickoff inthe Cowboys’ first regular season gamein 1960 against Pittsburgh.


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