KVIL Gives the Competition Static

With the semi-annual radio ratings war just ended, local station managers are awaiting the all important results. Important, because the Arbitron ratings will largely determine such things as what the stations’ ad rates will be, and in a few cases, who will be looking for a new job.

Defending champion is KVIL-AM-FM, which came out of the middle of the pack in last spring’s ratings to take the top spot handily. KVIL’s audience increase appears to have come at the expense of two other contenders for pop music listenership, KLIF and KNUS.

The only other significant shift in the Dallas audience came in the country music battle between KBOX and WBAP. KBOX jumped ahead of WBAP in Dallas listenership, although WBAP still retains the lead for the entire Dallas-Fort Worth audience.


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