Who Owns The Texas Rangers?

Ask who owns the Texas Rangers and you will probably hear the same old names – Brad Corbett, Raymond Nasher, Bill Seay, Charles Sharp, Amon Carter, Jr., Sharon (Simons) Moss and Nick Martin. But one of the best kept secrets in town is who the Rangers’ “other owners” are.

In addition to the familiar names who make the Rangers’ management decisions, there is another larger group of owners called Texas Rangers Ltd. which actually contributed more money to the purchase than the “published” owners. These “silent” owners raised more than five million in cold cash, in $50,000 increments.

The Dallas partners include:

J.W. Bartholow, Jr. $50,000

Malcolm K. Brachman


Marcus Ginsburg $50,000

Rudulph Mills $50,000

Thomas A. O’Dwyer $50,000

Michael A. Reilly $50,000

Roane Petroleum Co. $50,000

Robert D. Rogers $50,000

Gordon G. Tucker $100,000

Fort Worth partners include:

Louis H. Barnett $100,000

Edwin S. Elgin $100,000

Jay Fried $100,000

William Harvey $50,000

Thomas Nast $100,000

Three New York friends of Corbett also contributed money:

Wilbur J. Kupfrian $100,000

(Binghamton, N.Y.)

Marvin Price $250,000

(Merrick, N.Y.)

Salvatore Trovato $150,000

(East Northport, N.Y.)

The four largest partnersin Texas Rangers Ltd. arecorporations. Former owner Bob Short’s Texas Rangers Inc. contributed $1,000,000 and Brad Cor-bett’s Sports Investors Inc.put in $1,500,000. AnotherCorbett company, Shin-tech, invested $1,000,000,while Mid-South WholesaleInc., a Maryland company,put in $400,000.


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