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Barrel Tricks

New and used barrels for outdoor planting are available at the Golden Pickle Company, 1300 block of Second Avenue, 421-1240. The used barrels are sold in the 50-gallon size only, $14. New barrels from one quart to 50-gallon size run from $4.75 to $40. No checks accepted.

At Seasonal Colour, 4439 Lovers Lane, 526-9800, John Morelock has interesting-looking oak whiskey barrels from New Orleans, 17 1/2″ high, 25 1/2″ wide, $25. They would look terrific plantad in an informal terrace setting.

Sun and Games

Saint James Montessori School, 9845 McCree Road, 348-1345, sponsors an art program for children 2? through 7 years with a different theme each year. This time it’s The Giant Firefly and the Pickle Planet Heinz which they call an experiential program exploring art through a unique creative dramatics approach.

Last year as a fabulous finale to a program titled Slide Down the Marmalade Rainbow everyone arrived at school one day in bathing suits to slide down the playground slide and land in a mind-boggling thirty-five gallon vat of strawberry jello. Real jello-all thirty-five quivering, gelatinous gallons. The experience will be repeated this year-by popular demand.

The program is directed by Beth Reese, an art teacher with Mon-tessori training who also worked with the Experimental Arts Program at SMU. Staff also includes a graduate student from the Dallas Theater Center and one other Montessori-trained teacher. Classes average 25 students. In a multi-age learning experience where the children learn from and help one another, they progress from simple experiences to more complex tasks such as painting the windows, body painting, reading a book and adapting the story in play form.

This year’s big number will be construction of a forty-foot inflatable pickle-The Planet Heinz. The children will work on the exterior and interior, drawing and painting-and who knows what else once they get started. Classes July 7 through August 1 (one session) 9:00-10:30 and 10:30-12:00. Three days a week $39 or two days per week $26. Call Beth Reese 442-3642 or 348-1345.

Second Hand Roses

Faded Rose, a shop on Henderson Street, specializes in antique clothes. “Antique” in this business means everything from Victorian petticoats and wedding dresses lavishly trimmed with handmade lace, to 40’s wedgies and crepe dresses with big shoulders (which the Pointer Sisters snapped right up when they were in town).

Owner Joyce Baker has collected antique clothes for many years. She finally decided to go into business and sell part of her own collection along with the best examples of different styles of the periods that she could find. The 40’s embroidered cotton gabardine cowboy shirts are marvelous and she even found a group of kids’ cowboy shirts from the same era. Prices depend on the age and condition of the garment but to give you a rough idea, the petticoats range from $30 to $35, wedding dresses from $20 to $50, the cowboy group for men $12 to $25, and the one for kids $2 to $4. There’s lots more: silk bow ties, flowered shirts, 20’s Oriental jackets. An absolutely one of a kind spot in Dallas. 2720 Henderson, 826-7450. Open Mon-Sat, 11-6.

Best Fetes

Polly Hitt and Lynn Wdowiak of Esprit Decor, a wedding and party consultation service, like traditional ceremonies and untradi-tional receptions. And in untradi-tional places. One recent wedding they arranged took place in a large covered atrium-an alternative to more risky plans for outdoors. Masses of greenery and flowers were added to the permanent plantings along with pairs of white doves in cages. Once they even planned an elopement. (The couple’s idea, not theirs.) The request included hotel arrangements, a beautiful picnic basket in the getaway car and a festive party for their friends when they returned. They can arrange a strictly traditional wedding and club or hotel reception, of course, with all details attended to with expert care. For information call 352-6057.

Gas Class

As part of their community service program Lone Star Gas Company will send a consumer information specialist out to give a one hour demonstration to a club or group of twenty or more on the use of your gas grill. They will show you the versatility of the outdoor grill for foods such as chicken, fish, appetizers, and even desserts. Another timely service is the food preservation program, which covers canning and freezing. It’s held in their auditorium. Again a minimum of twenty people is required. For information about the programs and their free pamphlets on these subjects, call 741-3711 and ask for consumer information.

Downright Comforting

Alden Mills in Piano is one of three companies in the entire country that recover and recondition down or feather comforters. The reconditioning process involves refluffing the feathers and providing a new cover of cotton or satin (samples available by mail or at the factory). Costs run $36.95 for a standard size comforter, if no extra down needs to be added. Alden also converts old feather-beds into comforters and makes new comforters. Prices start at $63.95 for double size. Call or write Alden Comfort Mills, 1621 14th Street, Piano, Texas 75074, 423-4000.

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