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Unlinking the Chains: Adventures in Corporate Cuisine

| 46 years ago Harvey Goff is the terror of North Dallas. Mothers wait nervously for the return of children who announce they are going out for a saladburger and fries. Even the Neighborhood Co-op Patrol runs the other way at the sight of Harvey’s white "pursuit car." Why all the commotion? Because for the past six or seven years, Harvey has consistently refused service at his Lovers Lane location to any male with even a hint of long hair. By now there have been so many confrontations that Harvey feels anyone with long hair who comes into the restaurant has to be looking for trouble. At first, Harvey ignores them. If they persist in trying to order, he responds with a curt "Nope," expecting them to get the message. Finally he’ll ask them to leave, and if they refuse, which they seldom do, he might just pull out a gun and tell them to move on. Harvey has had his share of law suits, but until this May he had never lost a court case and has even been supported by a 1970 editorial in the Dallas News. Harvey bases his attitude toward longhairs on a run-in he had with some of them after they spotted Harvey supporting the police at a Lee Park antiwar demonstration. They came to the Lovers Lane Goff’s to protest his police sympathies. Harvey’s buddies on the police force (he calls them his "reinforcements") came along just in time to save Harvey from the hippies. Since then, Harvey has thrown out everyone with long hair because he "can’t tell the good ones from the bad ones."


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Homes, Swank Homes

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