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Kathy Burks is well known locally for her imaginative puppet shows and her large collection of antique marionettes. Now she plans to make reproductions of some of the characters in the collection and sell them at Geppetto’s in Olla Podrida. Most of her collection was originally made in New York in the Twenties and Thirties as part of a touring troupe that numbered around 3,000. Over the years, it dwindled to the 1,000 marionettes Kathy owns today.

In addition to reproductions from this group there will be hand and finger puppets in the shop. Kathy feels the revival of interest in pup-peteering is due in part to their imaginative use on the Sesame Street TV series. Prices for finger and hand puppets will run from approximately $1 to $25 and some of the elaborate string marionettes may be as high as $100. She is also planning workshops to teach children more about working puppets and how to make their own.

Geppetto’s/ #224 Olla Podrida/ 387-0807

Support Your Local Hens

Buy fresh eggs. Each Friday, Vick-ery Feed Store sells the kind that have never been in cold storage for 90 cents a dozen. Some even have double yolks. They also carry dog and cat chow in 50-pound bags. The building itself is a city person’s fantasy of the small country store come true located just off the corner of Park Lane and Greenville Avenue.

Vickery Feed Store/ fresh eggs/ 6916 Greenville Ave./ 691-9941.

Phade Out 210

It’s phunky and phar out – Oriental Cleaners and Launderers’ mysterious process “Phade Out 210” (their own catchy name) that instantly fades and softens new blue jeans. That is, if the jeans are 100% cotton and you are willing to spend $3.25 for the service. The results are terrific. The fabric feels comfortable and the color is just the right shade of evenly faded blue. They’ll even pick up and deliver, but that’s extra.

Fade your new jeans/ Oriental Cleaners and Launderers/ Pick-up Service 741-6504.

Praising Cain

Cyndy Matthews learned to weave cane by hand when an aunt showed her how to repair the cane back of an old bentwood rocker. Now Cyndy is in business restoring and re-caning old furniture that requires hand cane work. But she can also repair new pieces that are built for pre-woven spline-type cane. Hand-caning is priced by the number of holes created in the layering of the cane strips and it’s 20 cents per hole. Pre-woven is $1 per inch, computed at the widest point.

Hand cane work/ Cyndy Matthews/ 690-3411.

Nouveau Quiche

Quiche Lorraine, that blissful combination of eggs, cream and bacon in a short crust, is available to take out from Calluaud Traiteur in The Quadrangle, caterers specializing in French cuisine. Individual size quiche 95 cents each. At home, re-heat carefully in a 325-degree oven until it is just warmed through. Or, if you are entertaining a group of vegetarians, Lisa Caldwell and Cora Alexander will prepare zucchini quiche (or mushroom or spinach). The 10-inch size is $7.50. In both cases it is advisable to order one day in advance.

Calluaud Traiteur / caterers / The Quadrangle/ 748-7459. Lisa Caldwell and Cora Alexander/ Frozen Feasts/ 352-4674.

The Good Times Roll

Getting there is half the fun, but getting there in a flurry of funky fun is even better. One way to get it on is in a Good Times, Inc., customized van. The work is done in a factory in Arlington and the 70-man assembly line turns them out at a 10-a-day clip.

“We sell every one we turn out and there’s a waiting list,” according to Billy Walker, president of the two-year-old company. At something like $7,250 a unit, that grosses close to $1 million.

The vans (Fords, Chevys or Dodge) are dolled up to suit the owner’s taste – anything from plush GT unit featuring carpeting, waterbeds, stereo, etc., to a sedate Stadium Van ideal for family outings. Or, you can do it yourself at a Walker subsidiary, Van World, where you can get any accessory.

Good Times, Inc./custom vans/3500 Pioneer Pkway, Arlington/265-6113.

Inflated Sentiments

Send a Valentine message to your sweetie via a three-foot diameter, helium filled balloon from Flying High Co. They can be decorated with streamers, paper flowers, paper money . . . whatever you want plus a short message or company slogan. All for $18, plus tax. One balloon was ordered for a post operative get well gift with the message, “Don’t Roll Over.” Sharoan Swidler and Karen Goutierez, who do the designing and decorating, prefer about a week’s notice for their balloon creations and they take care of delivery.

Flying High/ your message on a balloon/ 369-1211 or 691-7835.

Craft Guild of Dallas

If the recent craft show at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts sparked your interest in this area of the arts, consider joining the Craft Guild of Dallas, a non-profit organization dedicated to support and appreciation of the crafts here in our city. Members receive first notice of lectures and workshops by visiting craftsmen and first priority to join the excellent guild-sponsored classes in weaving, pottery, bookbinding and jewelry making.

The guild is bringing Helen Richards, a weaver from California, to Las Manos at Olla Podrida Feb. 1-9 where she will conduct a series of two-day workshops on the sculptural approach to basketry, weaving with plant materials and body jewelry. Fees are $17.50 a session for non-members and $15 for members. Call Barbara Ryan, 661-3695, for dates and times.

The next visitor is Harold O’Connor, a Canadian jewelry maker who will lecture Feb. 13 on innovative jewelry. He will demonstrate the integration of various plastics with metals in jewelry making in workshops Feb. 14-16. For time, location and fees call either S. Carpenter 521-1189 or Jean Wilson 339-5267.

Membership is $10 per year. For more information about joining up or craft classes, call Guild President Lois Isenberg, 368-6255.

The Craft Guild of Dallas/ coming events/ 368-6255

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