Museum Pieces

There’s a nifty jewelry collection in the gift shop of the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts. The pieces are unusual, well-priced and many are one of a kind. These two antique silver pendants on cords would be wonderful worn with sweaters and shirts or put together with some silver chains. The Indian lady on the left is $30 and the other charming piece from Morocco is $20. While you are there, take a look at the Panamanian mola patches amazingly priced at $2 each. For starters, you might sew them on a long skirt to make a pocket or put them on a sweater or handbag.

Pillows, Ole!

Here is a real departure from the run-of-the-plaza Mexican craft work you usually see. Traditional cotton prints, all in black and white, are combined with pieces of bright embroidery from Puebla. The results are absolutely charming. The pillows are available in two sizes, 12 inches square with a 3-inch ruffle, $45, and 16 inches square with a 4-inch ruffle, $55. They are imported by Neiman-Marcus.

Blazing Saddlebags

There’s real Gucci, fake Gucci and now this. It all happened because a certain New York lady decided it was time to do away with status objects once and for all. Her way of getting the idea underway was to immortalize the two biggest names in status leather handbags and luggage on cotton canvas totes. And in mile-high letters, none of that subtle initial stuff. Here’s what you can carry in the tote bag: your status magazine, your status penny loafers, your status dog, etc., etc. From the Horchow Collection, $10.

Think Slink

Christopher’s, 161 Turtle Creek Village, is the place if you are after thoroughly feminine, soft, uncon-structed clothes this year. John and Kathleen Allen have gathered together an especially pretty collection with this look by talented people like Ingeborg Hecht, Hiroko and Mary Basil. The shop has plenty of style and a point of view all its own. Go look.

Hot Item

When September evenings are hot, these are the dresses to wear. The material is that light, lovely cotton from India. (That’s the country where the natives know what to wear when it’s hot, and it’s not polyester.) At left, is a free-spirit dress with two small prints worked together in the same muted, deep tones. A full skirt and a wide belt in the same fabric make this dress delicate and totally feminine. At right, a great background dress to show off a special necklace. It’s a marvelous cream color. Also available in pink, navy and orange. Pleated all around, even the full sleeves have tiny, tiny pleats. Robert V. Goodman, Inc., 2918 N. Henderson. $28.95 each.

Year of the Sweater

The fur-trimmed sweater was launched by Yves St. Laurent several seasons back, but has just come into its own in a big way this fall. Last year the ever-present and ever-attentive Women’s Wear Daily photographed the chic Mrs. A. Onassis wearing it in New York City and that was it. The look was on.

There are many variations on the fur-trim theme, but probably the most striking is by Viola Sybert and available in this version at the Hor-chow Collection. The price is steep, $450, but the sweater is super. It is a marvelous heather grey wool and natural grey raccoon.

If you like the idea but not the price, there are several good-looking and more affordable versions at Neiman-Marcus. The one shown is available in black, white, or cinnaScarf Tricks

Here is a hot accessory idea for right now. It is the folded square scarf tied in a loose knot which is pushed casually to the side. It’s a nice, new touch that softens the pants/shirt/sweater look that many women like and plan to stay with. mon knit, trimmed in natural raccoon, $135. The black version is best.

Another way this sweater idea shows up is in tweedy tones with knitted trims. Take this if you want the new sweater look, don’t want to spend $100 plus, and aren’t the least interested in anything that Mrs. A. Onassis wears. The two best in this category were also at Neiman-Marcus. One has a fuzzy knit collar and cuffs that contrast nicely with the flat knit sweater body. Another has rows of loop trim, in the same yarn as the sweater, forming the collar and cuffs.

Here are two more places to check out: Colette Brezin in Old Town has lovely French sweaters that you won’t see anywhere else in Dallas, and, shades of the fifties, Lord & Taylor has Shetland pullovers and cardigans in yummy colors.

It’s pretty, too, with the longer, wider skirts that are quietly sneaking up on us. This scarf is $8 from a great group of cotton prints at Neiman-Marcus. If you are all thumbs, the scarf department will teach you some tying tricks. More news: the long, trailing chiffon scarf for evening in solid or ombre tones. It should be miles long and should float gracefully around your neck.

Sanger-Harris has some nice examples, especially a group designed by Anne Klein.


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