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#102 Reign, Reign, Go Away, Little Johnny Wants to Play

If you were thunderstruck by last month’s British mind-boggier, take heart. This one was composed in Dallas and owes no acknowledgement, except perhaps to Mother Goose.

To solve it, first fill in the numbered blanks of any WORDS you can guess by deciphering the definition-clues. In most cases, there are actually two parts in each definition-clue: one straightforward and the other a pun, anagram, or other deliberate obscurity. As an added help to the solver, the first letters of the WORDS are arranged in alphabetical order, though every letter of the alphabet does not appear and some letters are repeated.

Each time you fill a WORD blank, transfer the letters to the correspondingly numbered blanks in the MESSAGE. Each MESSAGE blank is characterized by a letter as well as a number-the letter indicates which WORD the blank is filled from. Even with a very few words filled in, you will begin to see words and phrases take shape in the MESSAGE. Use word lengths, arrangement, and punctuation as clues in working on the message. Work back and forth, from WORDS to MESSAGE and from MESSAGE to WORDS, until the MESSAGE is completed.

Send the completed puzzle with name and address to PUZZLING, D The Magazine of Dallas, 2902 Carlisle, Dallas, 75204. First correct solution opened will receive a $50 cash prize. Second correct solution will receive a one year subscription to D. Winners and completed MESSAGE will appear in the December issue.