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The 2023 Best Designers in Dallas

The top interior designers in town talk why thinking about design early in a remodel or new build is key.
By D Home |
Joshua Rice foyer
Design by Joshua Rice Design. Nathan Schroder

Every year, D Home recognizes the Best Designers in Dallas. These are the people working miracles, turning blank spaces (literally) into thoughtful, beautiful homes you’ll want to live in for years.

But how can you ensure that you’ll have a well-considered, beautifully detailed space? We talked to some of the top interior designers about why it’s so important to hire your designer early. Read on to see their reasonings, and the 2023 Best Designers list, below.

They can save you time, money, and headache when you’re building.

“By hiring a designer as part of the team of architect, builder, and landscape designer, you are able to prevent large changes along the way before they cost you money. It is simple to make a layout change [on paper] or suggest a larger room to fit the furniture you want. It is costly to move a wall or put a project on hold for major design changes.” — Denise McGaha, Denise McGaha Interiors

“Building a home is a huge undertaking and having the proper team in place from the beginning is paramount in making sure you have the best experience possible. Having your architect, interior designer, builder and even landscape architect, all working together from the beginning will make your bid process crystal clear with your builder, which will then make your build move more quickly and smoothly, with very minimal to no budget increases and surprises. Getting hit with change order after change order really takes the fun out of the process.”  — Angeline Guido Hall, Angeline Guido Design

The same goes for if you’re buying. 

“We’re able to help clients find the house that will give them the best value for their money and will be the right fit for their future dream home. A real estate agent can help find homes that check your lists, but an interior designer can show you how your current furniture and style fit with the home and, even better, how the home can be updated to truly become your own.” — Carolina Gentry, Pulp Design Studios

They’ll anticipate your every need, before it’s too late, and see it all through to the very end. 

“We always draw the furniture plans before breaking ground. For example, if the clients want to seat 12 in their dining room, and the architect has only drawn the room large enough for 10, the architectural plans can be adjusted before they’re finalized. We also like to check the electrical plan with the furniture plan to make sure floor plugs are where they are needed and wall outlets don’t show dangling cords behind furniture.” — Margaret Chambers, Chambers Interiors & Associates

“As designers and specifiers, we pick up where the architect leaves off. We design with our clients’ preferences in mind, thinking on a micro level. We also help the clients plan with the end in mind so no detail gets left out and they don’t run out of steam or money to get their home perfectly completed.” — Juliana Oliveira, Beyond Interior Design

“BEFORE construction of a new build or renovation is the best time to hire an interior designer.  We ask a lot of questions about how they live, do they cook at home often, entertain or need certain kinds of storage. Does anyone in their home have special needs or is this their retirement home? Would they like to have accessible design incorporated in the plans so they can age at home? As I work on the plans, I keep their desires and needs in mind and incorporate those requests in the overall design of the home. Space planning, furniture plans, cabinet design, lighting and more are all part of planning their new home. I also think of ways to display art collections and beautiful objects they may have.” — Cheryl Van Duyne, Cheryl Van Duyne Interior Design

Finally, a team approach lends cohesiveness. 

“A dream team always includes the client, the architect, the contractor, and the interior designer. The architect is responsible for the structure and fundamental aesthetics. The contractor brings the architectural plans to life and is helpful with keeping budgets in check. The interior designer supports the client. She sees the home (the living aspect) from the homeowner’s point of view. The interior designer’s object is to see through their client’s eyes and envision the way their family will live in the structure with comfort, convenience and knock out beauty.” — Sherry Hayslip, Sherry Hayslip Interiors

“We tell clients [that waiting to hire their designer] is like electing to have surgery without the whole surgical team in place. Nobody wants the aesthetician to show up halfway through the surgery, right? As an interior designer, it’s limiting to jump in midprocess or, worse, after the fact.” — Dana Bass, Dana Bass Designs

“Hiring a designer early allows the architecture, interior finish-out, and furnishings to be integrated into a single cohesive concept, rather than later trying to marry separate pieces at a later date. There is a continuity that is impossible to achieve when the process is not a collaborative single thought.”  — Philip Vanderford, Studio Thomas James

We couldn’t have said it better.

“A professional designer will collaborate with you and guide you through the design, planning with the architect, and selecting the interior finishes and communicating them to your builder. The designer is your biggest advocate in the build process, and they ensure your vision is fully accomplished in your home taking into consideration all of the details and personalization to make your house a functional home for how you want to live.” — Shay Geyer, IBB Design Fine Furnishings

“The personality and lifestyle of a family should be reflected through the character of their home. A designer’s involvement in the early stages of a build, such as the selection of all finishes and light fixtures, is key for seamlessly navigating each step leading to a finely-tailored home.” — Trish Sheats, Trish Sheats Interior

The Best Designers in Dallas

A Well Dressed Home

Alexis Pearl Design

Alice Cottrell Interior Design

Allison Seidler Interiors

Amy Gibbs Interiors

Amy’s Interiors

Angeline Guido Design LLC

Anne Williams Design

Avrea and Company

Barbara J. Vessels Interiors, Inc.

Betty Lou Phillips Interiors

Beyond Interior Design

Bobbitt & Company Interior Design


Brette Jacques Interiors, Inc.

Burkle Creative

Cadwallader Design 

Cameron Drinkwater Interiors

Canon & Dean Design

Carrie Barron Interiors

Carrie Hatfield Interior Design

Cathy Kincaid Interiors

Chad Dorsey Design

Chambers Interiors & Associates

Charlotte Comer Interiors, Inc.

Chelsea Hargrave Interiors

Cheri Etchelecu Interior Design

Childress Interiors

Collins & Sweezey

Collins Interiors

Cheryl Van Duyne Interior Design

Dallas Design Group Interiors

Dana Bass Designs

Deborah Walker + Associates

Debra Stewart Interior Design

Deleo & Fletcher Design

Denise McGaha Interiors

Dona Rosene Interiors

Doniphan Moore Interiors

Dunbar Road Design

EJ Interiors

EJM Interior Design

Emily Summers Design Associates

Erin Sander Design

Fagan White Design

Gallerie Noir

Heidi Arwine Interiors

Hillary Littlejohn Studio Design

Holly Hickey Moore Interior Design

House of Amelia

IBB Design Fine Furnishings

Ike Isenhour Inc

J. Wiley Designs  

Jan Jones LLC

Jan Showers & Associates

Janet Gridley

Jean Liu Design, LLC

Jenkins Interiors

Joanie Wyll & Associates Inc.

John Phifer Marrs Interiors

Joseph Minton, Inc.

Joshua Rice Design 

Josie McCarthy Associates

Kara Adam Interiors

Kirsten Kelli

Kristen Fegale Interiors

Kristin Mullen Designs

Lark Interiors

Laura Lee Clark Interior Design, Inc.

Layered Dimensions Interior Design

Linda Fritschy Interior Design

Lindley Arthur Interiors

Lisa Henderson Interiors

Lynn Sears Interiors Inc.

Maddie Hughes Designs

MADRE Design

Maestri Studio

Mary Anne Smiley Interiors LLC

Mary Beth Wagner Interiors

Meredith Ellis Design

Meredith Steinhart Interior Design

Michelle Nussbaumer Design

Monica Wilcox Interiors

Morgan Farrow Interiors

Morrissey Home 

Neal Stewart Design Assoc. Inc

Noel Pittman Design

Pam Kelley Design

Pamela Fitch Design

Paul Draper Design

Paul Duesing Partners

Peters Cates Design, Inc.

Pickering House Interiors

Pulp Design Studios

R. Brant Design

Richard Gordon Design

Richard Trimble & Assoc., Inc.

Rick Rozas Design

RN Interior Design, LLC

Robyn Menter Design Associates, Inc.

Roz Murphy Design

S.B. Long Interiors

Salem & Associates

Samantha Fisher Interiors

Schooler, Kellogg & Co

Sees Design

Seitz Design LTD

Shannon Bowers Designs

Shelby Wagner Design

Sherry Hayslip Interiors

Smith & Ragsdale Interior Design

Studio Thomas James

Studio White Interiors

SWOON, the Studio

Ten Plus Three 

Tiffany McKinzie Interior Design Inc.

Tori Rubinson Interiors

Traci Connell Interiors

Traci White Designs

Tracy Hardenburg Designs

Trish Sheats Interior Design

Urbanology Designs

Wendy Konradi Interior Design

Williams Design Inc. 

Yates Desygn


D Home

D Home

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