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Kitchen & Bath Trend Watch

Discover what’s new—and what you’ll learn you can’t live without—in kitchens and baths in 2023.
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Bathtub Landscape
From exquisite cabinetry and elegant hardware to innovative kitchen workstations and silky-smooth bathtubs, take your home’s kitchen and bath from functional to fabulous when you enlist the expertise of trusted professionals. Patrick Langwalner

Whether building or remodeling, the rooms of a home that receive the most time and attention are the kitchen and bath. Both need to function well, but when beautifully done, they are more than just another room in the house. They become retreats. Families and friends comfortably gather in a well-designed kitchen where it’s easy to whip up a gourmet meal while chatting with guests. At the end of a busy day, you can find refuge in a well-appointed bath, where luxurious details make the room feel more like a spa than a place to shower. Even a guest or powder bath can become an artful conversation piece when it is well designed. 

The key to getting the kitchen and bath of your dreams is to plan your design early and seek the help of experienced, well-respected industry professionals who can educate you on your options and help you avoid costly mistakes and missed opportunities. “We call this purposeful design,” says Michael Byrnes with Pierce Fine Hardware & Plumbing. “Designs that are well thought out come together so much better than trying to retrofit ideas later in the process, or even after completion. During a pre-design consultation, clients often learn about products, technology, and ideas they never knew were available. It’s a truly educational experience.  If these elements are not in your architectural plans, the contractor cannot bid the job appropriately, leaving you with costly change orders.”

Christopher Peacock, founder and CEO of Christopher Peacock, says there are no shortcuts in kitchen and design, and quality matters. “Every project has a budget, and focusing the spending on the right things is important,” he says. “All too often, we see a client spending on expensive decorative items that can eat into the budget, and while these things are important, good cabinetry, hardware, and appliances are the workhorse items that get used every day. Buy high-quality because you only want to do this once, if possible.”

Ashley Keating, a Certified Kitchen Designer with Poggenpohl, advises her clients to delay construction of a kitchen or bath until a plan is in place and materials are ordered. “You want to have everything on site before you start swinging a hammer,” she says. And as far as the latest trends go, she says there will always be the latest colors and styles, but it’s smart to choose whatever appeals to you the most. “Be honest with yourself and with your designer about how you will use the space,” Keating says. “There are a lot of things we can integrate into a kitchen and bath that will make your life easier.”

When it comes to a kitchen and bath transformation, intentional and thoughtful selection—although potentially time-consuming—will be appreciated once the last contractor has left the home and rooms are ready for you to enjoy. “Take as much time as possible researching the project and selecting products to use before making the decision to spend the money,” Peacock says. “It’s challenging for a homeowner to fully comprehend the work and planning that goes into a full kitchen renovation. I strongly advise using an experienced and qualified designer to help with the process.” 


Style & Function

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Straight from the Source

Find trends and inspiration from these local kitchen and bath pros.

“Open shelving. Our clients love the idea of a more open-planned kitchen. With integrated lighting, it can really add to the overall feel of the space.”

 — Christopher Peacock, Christopher Peacock

“Natural stone countertops, perhaps in a honed or leather finish, and a return to wood tones integrated into the space as a secondary finish. Textures can even be found in wood elements, such as in reeded doors.” 

— Corinne Danicki, Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), The Kitchen Source

“Customers are prioritizing drawers without hesitation, especially drawers in lower cabinets.”

— Ashley Keating, Poggenpohl

“Whole-home water filtration is a must and will help keep your family healthy. Towel dryers, heated floors in the bath, and space-saving, wall-mounted toilets for a more sophisticated look are more and more frequently requested.” 

— Michael Byrnes, Pierce Fine Hardware & Plumbing

“Hues of blue are still very popular, along with shades of green.” 

— Corinne Danicki, Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), The Kitchen Source

“Consider unique finishes and textures, such as wood grain cabinetry with relief in it or buttery soft matte lacquer. Even for countertops, people are wanting to feel the relief of the veining.” 

— Ashley Keating, Poggenpohl

“People are looking for environmental sustainability and innovative, unique design for lifestyle enhancement. There is a demand for one-of-a-kind, special products that offer luxury and value. Timeless designs and products that will last 20 or more years are favored over trends that will need to be replaced every few years.”

— Michael Byrnes, Pierce Fine Hardware & Plumbing

“Dark colors and mixed materials. Integrating metalwork onto drawers and doors, and mixing metals, which adds a sophistication to the room.”

—Christopher Peacock, Christopher Peacock

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