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Interior Designer Corbin See’s 2023 Home Trend Predictions

Dallas designers tell us the styles they’re betting big on for the new year.
Corbin See with Ancient & Modern Devon Mantle from David Sutherland
Ancient & Modern “Devon” mantle (to the trade/David Sutherland) Elizabeth Lavin

As any local weatherman or Magic 8 Ball will tell you, predictions are an inexact science. Try as you might, you’re sure to miss a scattered shower or love-connection query or two. The beauty of interior design, of course, is that there’s no real right or wrong—what’s on the horizon in one designer’s world may be in the rearview for another. (One man’s shagreen is another man’s shiplap, as it were.) Still, the start of another year begs questions of what’s new and what’s next? To get the answers, we turned to top local talents to share what they expect to see in 2023.

“I’ve been going down an English design rabbit hole,” Dallas designer Corbin See says. “I’m preferring comfy over minimalist—more plush upholstery and personal collections. I’m liking textural finishes and antiques with character. I don’t like design that looks like it tried too hard, and the English have mastered that.”

Here are See’s picks.

Queen Anne Collectors Cabinet from Nick Brock Antiques
Courtesy of Nick Brock Antiques

Queen Anne Collectors Cabinet, $22,500 at Nick Brock Antiques

Browse 1st Dibs
Ika Lamp Shade from Robert Kime
Courtesy of Robert Kime

Ikat Lamp Shade, $940 at Robert Kime

Buy Now at Robert Kime
Basin Pillar Taps from Lefroy Brooks
Courtesy of Lefroy Brooks

Basin Pillar Taps, Price Upon Request at Lefroy Brooks

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George Edwardian Chair from Brooks Thomas
Courtesy of Brooks Thomas

George Smith “Edwardian” Chair, $7,300 at Brooks Thomas

Browse Brooks Thomas


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