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D Home Editors’ 2023 Home Trend Predictions

We're seeing lots of plaster in your future.
By D Home editors |
Plaster Editors' Picks Jan/Feb DHOME Accessories
Get It: 1. Gesso plaster rings ($750/Laura Lee Clark) 2. Ironies cross hatch stool (to the trade/Culp Associates) 3. Corbin Bronze column study sculptures (to the trade/David Sutherland) 4. Blackman Cruz “Wedge” floor lamp (to the trade/David Sutherland) 5. Paolo Moschino Collection Endless standing lamp (to the trade/James Showroom) 6. Global Views “Louis” vase ($717/Baker) 7. “Zuri” console (to the trade/Made Goods) Elizabeth Lavin

As any local weatherman or Magic 8 Ball will tell you, predictions are an inexact science. Try as you might, you’re sure to miss a scattered shower or love-connection query or two. The beauty of interior design, of course, is that there’s no real right or wrong—what’s on the horizon in one designer’s world may be in the rearview for another. (One man’s shagreen is another man’s shiplap, as it were.) Still, the start of another year begs questions of what’s new and what’s next?

To get the answers, we turned to top local talents, like Corbin See and Erin Sander, to share what they expect to see in 2023. But after talking to everyone, we started noticing patterns too. Here, now, are D Home’s picks.


From lighting and accessories to furniture, white plaster pieces provide a minimalist palette without the overly pristine look. The matte, textural finish lends a dimensionality that feels refreshingly handmade.


Long favored by designers as a countertop material, this natural stone has moved out of the kitchen and into just about every other space imaginable. Add a dash of drama with an occasional table or console, each bearing distinctive and unique veining.

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