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Holiday Gift Guide
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A Dallas Holiday Gift Guide for Every Room in the House

Deck the halls, walls, and everywhere else, too, with these home-enhancing gifts for everyone and every space.
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19th Century Plate and Handmade Hollowed Out Books

Everyone loves opening presents during the holidays. But when the mad scramble of grabbing boxes and ripping off paper is over, we’re left in an organizational quandary: Where on earth are we going to put all this stuff? Never fear—this year we curated our gift guide with presents for every space in and out of your home.  

For the Kids’ Room

Surfloor Liquid Tiles from Toys Unique

Surfloor Liquid Tiles, $45 each at Toys Unique

These tiles are a playroom-ready treat for the senses. 

$45 each at Toys Unique
Home Art Lab from Scarlet Reagan

Home Art Lab, $195 at Scarlet Reagan

Get creative in the craft room with an all-ages art kit. 

Browse Scarlet Reagan
Kids Cleaning Tool Set

Kids’ Cleaning Tool Set, $50 at Toy Maven

Snag this fun toy set to get your kiddos excited about chores. 

Browse Toy Maven
Parker Pima Cotton Zipper Paja Texas Boots PJ's

Parker Pima Cotton Zipper Pajama Texas Boot PJs, $50 at Lila + Hayes X Honey + Hank

Your little one will boot-scootin‘ boogie all over their crib in this adorable onesie. 

Browse at Honey + Hank
Animal Rugs from DLM Supply

Animal Rugs, $160 at DLM Supply

The house is already a zoo with all your little ones running around—you might as well throw down a lion rug. 

$160 at DLM Supply
Monkey Candle from Dunbar Road

Monkey Candle, $390 at Dunbar Road

This precious candle provides the perfect scent for monkeying around. 

Browse Dunbar Road

For the Kitchen & Bar

French Room Tea Set from Commerce

French Room Tea Set, $138 at Commerce

This sweet Adolphus set will make all your posh tea time dreams come true. 

$138 at Commerce Goods + Supply
Olive Oil Cleaning Spray from Etienne Market

Olive Oil Cleaning Spray and Soap, $12 at Ettiene Market 

After you scrub down your surfaces with these cleaning supplies, you’ll never use anything else.  

Browse Ettiene Market
Cutting Boards from Eataly

Cutting boards, $30 at Eataly 

We love this playful display for your pre-dinner charcuterie (or butter, if you’re so inclined) board. 

Browse Eataly
Glass Pitcher from Blue Print

Glass Pitcher, $130 at Blue Print

A pitcher of lemonade never looked so good. 

Browse Blue Print
Leather Bar Key from St. Michael Woman's Exchange

Leather Bar Key, $40 at St. Michael’s Women’s Exchange

Your bar staples should always be stylish. 

Browse St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange
Snowman Glasses from Ellis Hill

Snowman glasses, $20 each at Ellis Hill

These wintery glasses are your best bets to beef up the bar. 

Spicewalla Spices from Ettiene Market

Spicewalla Spices, $16 each at Ettiene Market

Spice things up in the kitchen with these rubs from Ettiene Martket. 

Browse Ettiene Market
Gourmet Texas Pasta from Patina Green

Gourmet Texas Pasta, $10 at Patina Green

Liven up Italian night with these specialty flavors.

$10 at Patina Green
Missioni Family Cookbook from Mecox

Missoni Family Cookbook, $50 at Mecox

This beautiful cookbook is ideal to display on your counter. 


Browse Mecox
The Salt from All Good Things

The Salt, $25 at All Good Things

All you really need is a pinch of salt.  

$25 at All Good Things

For the Backyard

Pickleball Carryall from DLM Supply

Pickleball Carryall, $58 at DLM Supply

After your next match at Grand Prairie’s Chicken N Pickle, throw your things into this handy tote, and go eat some chicken and pickles, natch.  

Browse DLM Supply
Ride On Roadster from Rooster Hardware

Ride-on roadster, $140 at Rooster Hardware

It’s never too early to get your kids ready for their Formula One debut. 

Browse Rooster Home & Hardware
Variegated Monstera Oasis Plant Shop

Variegated Monstera, $900 at Oasis Plant Shop

Plant people will go gaga for this in their greenhouse.  

Browse Oasis Plant Shop
Pickleball Paddles from Recess Southern Table

Pickleball Paddles, $86 each at Recess + Southern Tide

You never want to find yourself in a pickle without one of these cute pickleball rackets.  

$86 at Southern Tide

For the Living Room

Fetching Bev Nap Poodle Cocktail Napkins from Coco & Dash

Poodle Cocktail Napkins, $75 for four at Coco & Dash

You need these fetching bev naps for the living room. 

Browse Courtland & Co.

Aroma Retail Fragrances

Scent your space and give the gift that everyone will love! Choose from scent machines, luxury fragrance oils, pure therapeutic essential oils, reed diffusers, room sprays, and our limited time holiday seasonal candles.

Coupon Code: DMAG20 to save 20% off. Valid 11/24-11/28

Browse Aroma Retail
Acrylic Sculpture from Talulah Hess

Acrylic Sculpture, $225 at Talulah & Hess

This stunning sculpture is just begging to be your coffee table’s centerpiece.  

Shop at Talulah Hess
Fancy Ideas Puzzle from All The Good Things

“Fancy Ideas” Puzzle, $38 at All Good Things

Having a puzzle on hand is never a bad idea. 

$38 at Fancy Ideas
Matthew Gilley Ceramic Chain from The Conersvatory

Matthew Gilley Ceramic Chain, $250 at The Conservatory 

This ceramic chain is sure to be catch your guests’ eye.  

Browse The Conservatory
Kelly Behun Wide Eye Tray from Laura Lee Clark

Kelly Behun Wide Eye Tray, $450 at Laura Lee Clark

Every space accumulates various knick-knacks. Gather them all here and you’ll never lose sight of them.  

Browse Laura Lee Clark
Malachite Lucite Tray from Coco&Dash

Malachite Lucite Tray,$445 at Coco & Dash

Thanks to this stunning tray, you’ll won’t have to worry about coasters. 

Browse Coco & Dash
Cobra Vase from Scout Design Studio

Cobra Vase, $750 at Scout Design Studio

Who wants a boring vase for their flowers? 

$750 at Scout Design Studio

For the Road

Modern Travel Desk Set from Leatherology

Modern Travel Desk Set, $140 at Leatherology

With this handy set, you can set up your office anywhere. 

$140 at Leatherology

Gift Card, Fairmont Spa Austin

Give the gift of wellness with a facial or massage that grants access to Fairmont Spa Austin’s stunning solariums.

Browse Fairmont Spa Offerings
Tech Touch Long Cashmere Gloves from Misook

Tech Touch Long Cashmere Gloves, $118 at Misook

Staying warm should never inhibit your social media scrolling time. 

$118 at Misook
Westman Brush Set from Gucci

Gucci Westman Brush Set, $575 at Market 

This brush set has everything you need whether you’re at home or on the go. 


Browse Market

Santa Suite Stay, Fairmont Austin

Gift the ultimate family-friendly experience with a stay in a festively decorated one-bedroom suite—Santa’s home away from the North Pole in Austin.

Book Your Stay
Dallas Playing Cards from All Good Things

Dallas Playing Cards, $30 at All Good Things

A pack of cards that remind you of home is never a bad idea during long travel days. 

Browse All Good Things Paper

For the Primary Suite & Closet

Seletti Toothpaste LED Lamp from Scout Design Studio

Seletti Toothpaste LED lamp, $229 at Scout Design Studio  

With this quirky lamp in your bathroom, you’ll never forget to brush those pearly whites. 

$229 at Scout Design Studio
Nouri Hair Brush from The Conservatory

Nouri Hair Brush, $159 at The Conservatory

You put a lot of time and money into your hair. So you might as well care for it with the finer things. 

Browse The Conservatory
Nymphenburg Cashere Comb from Grange Hall

Nymphenburg Cashmere Comb, $290 at Grange Hall

Fight pilling on your favorite sweaters with this luxe tool. 

Browse Grange Hall
Bachendorf Blue Dangle Earrings

Blue Topaz Chandelier Earrings, $5,325 at Bachendorf’s

You’ll dazzle anywhere you go in these 18-karat yellow gold and blue topaz earrings.

Browse Bachendorf’s
Cielo Envelope Clutch from Bell Invito

Cielo Envelope Clutch, $450 at Bell’Invito

This adorable clutch is the perfect addition to your closet. 

$450 at Bell’Invito
Flamingo Estate from the Candle Society

Flamingo Estate Candle, $60 at Society

This candle can set the mood for any space. 

$50 at Flamingo Estate
Smudge Sticks from White Rock Soap Gallery

Smudge Sticks, $5 each at White Rock Soap Gallery

Reset your chakras with these colorful rose-petaled smudge sticks.  

Buy at White Rock Soap Gallery

For Everywhere Else

Acrylic Tray from Michael Woman's Exchange

Acrylic Tray,$375 at St. Michael’s Women’s Exchange

A tasteful tray for tidying messes in the entry.  

Browse St. Michael’s Women’s Exchange
Leather Skateboard from Grange Hall

Leather Skateboard, $1,875 at Grange Hall

We’re sure Tony Hawk has one of these somewhere. 

Browse Grange Hall

Gift Card, Alchemy 43

Micro-treat yourself this season! Alchemy 43, an aesthetics brand, provides custom facial enhancements that leave you looking and feeling your best.

Browse Alchemy43
Nana Bell from Wild Birds Unlimited

Nana Bell, $169 at Wild Birds Unlimited

Use this bell for soothing sounds in the meditation room. 

Browse Wild Birds Unlimited
Interiors from All Good Things

Interiors, $80 at All Good Things

A timeless tome for the study.  

Browse All Good Things Paper
Domino Set from The Conservatory

Domino Set, $550 at The Conservatory

This beautiful domino set is the perfect game to entertain everyone while you wait for dinner. 

$550 at The Conservatory
Dog Paw Salve Calming Massage Oil from Favor The Kind

Dog Paw salve and Calming Massage Oil, $16 at Favor the Kind

Gift this to the animal-lover in your life—or stuff it into your pooch’s stocking Christmas Eve. 

Browse Favor the Kind

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