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Get Your Plants Through Any Cold Snap with These Winter-Weather Gardening Tips

We got advice from Mark Ruibal of Ruibal’s Plants.
By D Home | |Illustration by Emily Olson
Emily Olson

Think you can rest on your landscaping laurels in the winter months? Think again. Mark Ruibal of Ruibal’s Plants of Texas shares his top cold-weather garden tips.

Fertilize annuals

When it comes to fertilization, once isn’t enough. “Annuals—like pansies, violas, snapdragons, and dianthus—are usually fertilized when planted, but many people forget to do it again as plants grow,” Ruibal says, who notes that monthly fertilization will lead to more color throughout the season.

Protect your plants

When the weather turns especially cold, don’t leave your plants exposed. “Use a frost cloth, Plankets, burlap, or even sheets when the temps are in the 20s (or lower) for any amount of time,” Ruibal says. “In last year’s deep freeze, even plants that were covered suffered, but plants that were covered had better resilience.” He notes that “a few inches of good mulch is also a good season-long root insulator.”

Plan ahead

Wait to schedule your landscaping work, and you may be disappointed. “Landscapers all over Dallas have been covered with the ongoing replanting because of the big freeze,” Ruibal says. Contact your favorite landscaper now to schedule spring and summer work.

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