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Pillow Talk: The Pillow Bar Explains Everything So You Can Rest Assured

It's not a sham: Owner Connie Kleinert Babikian gets down to the details on when you should replace your pillows.
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One or two? Fluffy or firm? Side, back, or stomach? It all matters when choosing the right pillow. Learn how to select and care for your pillow from Connie Kleinert Babikian, owner of The Pillow Bar, where you can create a custom pillow to match your specific needs.

Fill ’Er Up

“We recommend that people do their research and understand what’s inside their pillow,” Babikian says. “That’s what makes the difference.” The Pillow Bar uses two types of fill: a “breathable” pure Hungarian down and a proprietary down alternative blend of hypo-allergenic, polyester fiber.  

Cover Your Asset

A slip-on case is a start, but it’s not enough to properly preserve your pillow. Babikian says the added layer of a zippered protector is critical. “It’s the first line of defense for keeping your insert clean,” she says. 

Keep It Clean 

Weekly laundering of your case and zippered protector will keep natural oils at bay, thus keeping your pillow “fresh, fluffy, and supportive.” But when it comes to the inserts, particularly those with down filling, throwing them in the front-loader isn’t recommended, as machine washing can change the density and feel. If it needs a cleaning, Babikian suggests, “take it to a dry cleaning professional experienced in down and down alternative products.”

Pillow Swap

Even the highest quality, most gently cared-for pillows will need to be replaced every two to three years, Babikian advises. “Think about it like this: If you wear your favorite blouse every day for two to three years, the fabric will become worn out no matter how well you care for it,” she says. “When you start noticing a change in your pillow form or how you are sleeping, it’s time to purchase a new pillow.”

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