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Jeremi Headrick’s Moody House is Filled with Christmas Greenery and Eclectic Antiques

A vintage leopard statue named Tim dons a wreath of greens in the Jackson Vaughn interior design and Society candle shop co-owner's Winnetka Heights home.
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Jeremi Hedrick Dining Table with Family
Elizabeth Lavin

Jeremi Headrick’s Moody House is Filled with Christmas Greenery and Eclectic Antiques

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Jeremi Headrick is one half of the duo behind Jackson Vaughn interior design and Society candle shops. For 21 years, he and co-owner Pamela Jackson have worked side by side, creating moody interiors and intoxicating fragrances that customers have come to love. “It is rare to find someone that has your same sense of style and taste, but Pam and I are synced on that,” Headrick says. “We routinely complete each other’s sentences and blindly make the exact same design selections.”

With so much time spent together during working hours, holidays have naturally overlapped between his and Jackson’s families. Says Headrick: “Her traditions have become ours and vice versa. Now that we have little ones in the family, we get to experience the holidays through their eyes.”

The decor in the Winnetka Heights home Headrick shares with his husband, Michael Tarango, is cozy and collected, mimicking that of the Society stores. But he keeps his holiday decor understated and minimal, opting for fresh greenery and simple arrangements in the colors of the season with heirlooms and special pieces woven in.

Jeremi Hedrick Living Space
An avid collector, Headrick displays his many treasures throughout the home. Vintage luggage, miniature books, and an assembly of Barro Negro skulls are all featured prominently here, along with natural greenery garland—a staple of Headrick’s holiday decorating. Elizabeth Lavin
Jeremi Headrick Bar
A vintage leopard (affectionately referred to as Tim) perches proudly on an antique German chest, which acts as the home’s bar. “Pam and I both buy what we love,” Headrick says. “Our whole philosophy is that if you buy something and you love it, there will be a place for it.” Elizabeth Lavin

Smells Like Texas

For Jeremi Headrick, scent plays a big part in setting a holiday mood. As the co-owners of Society candle shops who also craft their own popular candle lines, Headrick and Pam Jackson know a thing or two about evocative scents, and they’ve created a limited-edition candle that captures the season in a jar. “It just really smells like the holidays to us,” says Headrick of their Texas Holiday candle. “We’re both from Texas and have the idea of pecan pies and cookies for the holidays. We both tend to love really incense-y, smokey, and patchouli scents.”

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