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Designer Brant McFarlain Shares His Tried-and-True Eggnog Recipe

A cheery holiday cocktail in seven easy steps.
Brant McFarlain eggnog recipe
Elizabeth Lavin

Brant McFarlain and husband Justin Moon historically spend the holidays like so many of us: between families. Last year, they spent Christmas at their new home in Santa Fe, which McFarlain hopes to make a new tradition. But regardless of where they spend December 25, they always decorate their Dallas home for the season. Every other year, McFarlain alternates between a real fir tree (“I don’t like fake trees,” he says) and Charlie Brown-esque twig trees, which he accentuates by scattering “fallen” ornaments at their bases. (Miraculously, their French bulldog, Boudreaux, leaves them alone.) But the one constant every December is the holiday party McFarlain and Moon host for friends, at which McFarlain makes his famous eggnog—a recipe he learned from a friend’s grandmother.

Brant McFarlain’s Eggnog

1 cup bourbon
1 cup brandy
1 cup Myers’s Dark Rum.
6 eggs
1 cup sugar

Mix bourbon, brandy, Myers’s Dark Rum. Mix the eggs and the sugar. Beat hard for one to two minutes. Combine the sugar/egg mixture with the alcohol. Beat hard for two minutes to “cook” the eggs. Add 1/2–3/4 gallon milk to your desired taste. Add freshly ground cinnamon to each drink.

Sip & enjoy. Repeat.