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How to Style an Interior Worthy of a Nancy Meyers Movie Set

Britni Wood, a prop stylist who has worked on films like The Intern and Home Again, shares her secrets for crafting a cozy home.

The cozy, timeless sets in screenwriter Nancy Meyers’ films are universally lauded as the gold standard of movie homes. So what’s the secret to creating an aspirational space worthy of Hollywood heavyweights like Anne Hathaway and Reese Witherspoon?

Dallas prop stylist and creative director Britni Wood knows, having had the enviable task of working as a stylist and florist for some of Meyers’ films, including The Intern and Home Again.

“We see that all elements brought in by the production team are warm and lived-in,” Wood says of her on-set duties. “That makes for a lot of fluffing.” We asked Wood to help us crack the code to Meyers-izing your home.

  1. Neutrals are key. “Bring in various textures to add warmth and layers,” Wood says. “Linen, velvet, natural-loomed fabrics, and sheepskin rugs can add a dimension that is cozy yet refined.”
  2. Create vignettes. “Stay away from placing all of your furniture against the walls,” Wood warns. “If you have a beautiful window, use that to place a comfy armchair, a side table for books, and a pretty reading lamp. You instantly create a place of peace and reflection.”
  3. Go all-natural. “Sisal and seagrass rugs are often used in Nancy’s movies, as having elements of natural fibers in your home bring heritage and warmth,” says Wood. “They are naturally golden in color, so they blend beautifully with neutral furniture and paint schemes.”
  4. Make your bed. “Focus on symmetry and bringing in different textures,” advises Wood. “Layer blankets over a crisp folded top sheet and flank the foot of the bed with a cozy duvet. Neatly pressed shams add an immediate refinement.”

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