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Oasis Plant Shop’s Guide to Tropical Tree Care

Indoor palms can add a summery touch to your home's interior, but they do require some TLC.
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Indoor palms are this summer’s hottest plant trend. Before you invest in one, make sure you know how to care for it. Oasis Plant Shop is here to help.

  1. Indoor palms require moist soil and a regular watering schedule. Water your palm once a week, saturating the soil until water comes out the bottom of the container.
  2. Indoor palms are humidity lovers. Bump up the humidity in your home by putting a humidifier in the same room. You can place a pebble tray underneath the plant’s container and pour water in the tray. You can also water it in your shower or mist it a few times every week.
  3. Indoor palms do not like direct sunlight. Typically east and north-facing windows provide great sunlight for palms.

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