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Two Dallas Home Decor Companies Are Launching Furniture Lines

Blue Print and KUFRI have both recently released fresh collections.

For the past 10 and seven years respectively, Blue Print and KUFRI have made names for themselves in the Dallas design industry. Blue Print earned its reputation for antique furnishings, vintage lighting, art, and home accessories (and those signature blue doors, of course!). KUFRI grew through its fabric and wallpaper design. And in the past year, the two hit a similar wavelength when they individually debuted lines of furniture. 

Blue Print’s collection dropped in October at High Point Market, but just last week, the company held a hometown celebration to honor the milestone. Consisting of cabinets, tables, dining chairs, and more, the 18-piece collection puts a contemporary spin on classic styles. From a vintage-inspired sideboard to a clean-lined upholstered bench, each piece is designed to look at home in spaces both modern and traditional.

The KUFRI collection came about when founder Mili Suleman was preparing to debut her first showroom last year. In a (successful) attempt to create a space that felt bespoke and special, she tapped into some talents that went beyond the fabric and wallpaper designs for which her company is known. That’s when the world first got a taste of KUFRI furniture, which still incorporates their iconic textiles. “I decided to create a few pieces that brought in some eclecticism without taking away from the textiles,” she says. The result is a three-piece collection, all handcrafted in Dallas. 

Choose from a worktable that pays homage to famed folk artist Alexander Girard, a bench upholstered in fabric from KUFRI’s upcoming block print collection, and a Douglas fir table inspired by New Mexican folk furniture. Take a look at some samples in our gallery. 


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