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How to Live a Beautiful Life

The Ultimate Homeowner’s Checklist

We polled Dallas experts to compile everything you need to keep your house happy.

Monthly Home Timetable

Expert: Joseph Toliver Principal, Fulcrum Residential Services

☐ Wash comforters and duvets.
☐ Change air filters.
☐ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

☐ Clean attics and basements.
☐ Clean air vents.
☐ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

☐ Declutter. Clean closets and donate gently used items to charity.
☐ Dust crown molding, wall corners, ceiling fan blades, behind furniture, and blinds.
☐ Clean air vents.
☐ Change air filters.
☐ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

☐ Check refrigerator drain pan.
☐ Change air filters.
☐ Change batteries in battery-operated emergency devices.
☐ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

☐ Check HVAC systems.
☐ Vacuum and flip mattresses.
☐ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

☐ Change lightbulbs.
☐ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

☐ Polish wood furniture and wax antiques.
☐ Change air filters.
☐ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

☐ Schedule chimney sweep.
☐ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

☐ Schedule pest control and rodent deterrent.
☐ Check HVAC system.
☐ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

☐ Change air filters.
☐ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

☐ Clean range hood filters.
☐ Clean kitchen sink disposal.
☐ Wash comforters and duvets.
☐ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

☐ Check plugs and extension cords.
☐ Check window and door weather stripping.
☐ Check fire extinguishers.
☐ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Cleaning Kit

Expert: Greg Shepard Founder, Dallas Maids

☐ All-purpose cleaner: It’s the staple for most surfaces.
Degreaser: Purchase for the jobs that are too tough for all-purpose cleaners.
Windex: It’s used for windows and shining chrome.
Pledge: This is a must—and the best—for wood furniture.
Medical/surgical rags: They make the perfect cleaning rag—you can find them at Reclaimed Textiles.
Swiffer: or mop and bucket
Broom and dustpan: You can use them for those hard-to-reach spots.
Feather duster: These are tried-and-true dust destroyers.
Step stool: It’s needed for those higher-up areas.
Vacuum: Make sure you have one with built-in extensions.
Latex gloves: They protect you from powerful cleaners.
Wood & stainless steel cleaners: They’re a must have for wood floors or stainless steel.

Closet Design & Garment Care

Expert: Susan Kuruc Senior Design Consultant, California Closets

Tilt-out: hamper Use one for laundry and one for dry cleaning.
Valet rod: They’re perfect for packing and wardrobe staging.
Enclosed wardrobe cabinet: This is ideal for protecting finer clothes.
Felt hangers: This helps maximize storage.
Boot forms or hangers: Keep shoes and boots in their original shape.
Acrylic dividers: A must for keeping drawers organized.
Hooks: Hang robes and other items.
Specialty racks: Protect belts, ties, and scarves.
Slide-out basket: They store flip-flops and slippers.
Glass doors: Consider adding these to protect clothing from dust.


Expert: Mark Serino General manager, Rooster Home & Hardware

Claw hammer: It’s a basic.
Slip-joint pliers: Add it to your toolbox.
Level: Don’t hang a picture without it.
Needle-nose pliers: Use for small electrical projects.
Adjustable wrench: This wrench adjusts to your needs.
Phillips and/or flat-head screwdriver: Buy both so you’re covered.
Small pry bar: Use to pull up nails.
3/8-inch ratchet and sockets: Buy for small tweaks around the house.
Tape measurer: This is a DIY staple.

Safety & Security Supplies

Expert: Lt. Lance Koppa Public Information Officer, Highland Park DPS

Exterior lighting: Install front and rear porch lights, as well as motion-detection lights.
Padlocks: Place on outdoor fence gates.
Exterior door locks: Lock all doors, including your garage entry door.
Window locks: Ensure they work properly on each window.
Home alarm system: Get one and use it.
Double doors: The inactive door should be secured with a header that enters a strike plate.
Camera systems: The use of camera systems at home also provides a visible deterrent.
Home safe: Great for securing jewelry, firearms, important financial documents, passports, etc.
Address number: Make sure home address is visible from the front and rear of the property.