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Dallas’ Best Builders Describe Their Dream Homes

Get a little inspiration from the pros.

We asked our panel of Best Builders to describe the home they’d want to build for themselves. They weren’t interested in over-the-top features or massive square footage. Rather, their focus was on easy living, entertaining, energy efficiency, and outdoor spaces. Builder Scott Simmons with Simmons Estate Homes sums it up: “Classic, interesting, casual to live in, but not trendy.”

It Must Have:

Most of the square footage on the first level

Large garage with multipurpose uses

Energy efficiency

Large closet spaces

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors

Outdoor living space with phantom screens and kitchen

Water features, but no pool

“Classic, interesting, casual to live in, but not trendy.”

Scott Simmons, Simmons Estate Homes

“A crushed ice machine is a must.”– Dennis Mullinix, Mullinix Custom Homes

“A traditional-style house with a slight modern edge. Unique touches—like custom millwork, satin brass, and wall coverings—make a house a home.”– Lauren Grasso, Ellen Grasso & Sons

“It would be a zero-energy, 2,500-square-foot single story with a four-car garage and large outdoor living space.”– Wayne Atkins, Sterling Brook Custom Homes

“At the end of the day, it’s one that uses all the square footage and there are no wasted/unused areas.”– Michael Munir, Sharif & Munir Custom Homes

“Incredible kitchen for entertaining, functional inside/outside living areas, knocked-out master suite and bathroom with smart home technology.”– Blake Evenson, Hudson Construction Group

“I would love a single story modern home with lots of windows on Turtle Creek with a walk-out basement. I would have a conservatory style greenhouse on the property. I love moving water, clean lines, and functional spaces.”– Jonathan Booth, Booth Brothers Homes


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