We Tried Soapgirl’s Chicory + Charcoal Mask

A beauty trend comes to Dallas through this local purveyor.

Charcoal in beauty products is a hot commodity. The natural element is said to be a super cleanse that pulls out toxins and pollutants in the skin by absorbing dirt and oil. When used as a face mask, the results include minimizing pores and beating blackheads. But before your rush to the beauty counter, we suggest local purveyor Soapgirl’s Chicory + Charcoal Mask, a blend of organic chicory, activated charcoal, and rhassoul clay. For owner Rebecca Day, the mask is more of an addition to your healthy lifestyle than an answer to a skin flaw. “It’s really a maintenance and conditioner for your skin. It’s bringing the blood circulation to the surface—that’s the best thing you can do, is heal [from] within,” she says.

Day handcrafts each mask using clay and organic botanicals. The mask comes in a powder form that contains no preservatives, which requires creating an at-home concoction by mixing a tablespoon with an equal amount of water, milk, or yogurt. (She recommends a plain Greek yogurt with a dollop of honey.) After mixing with water and leaving on for 15 minutes, the mask made our skin feel softer and tighter and appeared more even. $20/Whole Foods. Each jar makes 25 masks.