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Do You See What I See?

Using the principles of the Rorschach psychological inkblot test, we asked a few designers what imagery emerges when they gaze upon this suggestive hunk of marble.
By D Magazine |
Photo by Elizabeth Lavin

“A creature with a bow tie and a pointy stand-up collar, spreading its arms in excitement and casting a big shadow.”
-Sherry Hayslip, Hayslip Interiors 
Diagnosis: Possesses a refined sensibility and isn’t afraid to take chances.

“It sort of looks like a bat to me. I think it would be interesting on a wall in a powder room with multiple repeats.”
-James McInroe, Owner of James McInroe, Inc.
Diagnosis: Creative, intellectual, and provocative. 

“I see an ostrich face staring at me—and she knows I love her plumage. I’d use it as wallpaper in a cinnabar lacquered library.”
-Michelle Nussbaumer, Ceylon et Cie owner and lead designer
Diagnosis: A visionary with a flair for the dramatic.

“I see a black and white terrier shaking after coming in out of the rain.” 
-Joe Minton, Joseph Minton, Inc.
Diagnosis: Meticulous sense for details. Enjoys being surrounded by creature comforts.


Head Cases: The Editors Weigh In.

“I see a cowhide, but when turned upside down, the image looks like a dog’s head with a big white nose. “
-Stacy Girard, Editor

“When I look at the slab, I immediately see a butterfly.”
-Ryan Conner, Associate Editor

“I see ovaries.” (Hmm…something you’d like to tell us?)
-Jamie Laubhan-Oliver, Market Editor/Associate Creative Director

“I see the face of a goat.”
-Caitlin Clark, Online Editor