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The Rules of Great Interior Design

Steal a few ideas from the playbooks of these Dallas professionals.
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The Rules of Great Interior Design

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A neutral color palette with pops of color in art and accessories keep any space timeless and classic.
–Alex Montana

Excellence will age gracefully.
–Amy Walton

Don’t neglect the fifth wall of a room—the ceiling. Our signature colors are Benjamin Moore’s Palladian or Wyeth Blue.
–Bill Cates/Russ Peters

Go for comfort first. 
–Joseph Minton

Pick a beautiful fabric you love and design the room around it.
–Dawn Bergan

Don’t hang art too high, and always use down or down substance for pillows.
–Elizabeth White

Remember to design good lighting into each project.
–Cheryl Van Duyne

I pair really unusual colors and use things from all time periods.
–Cynthia Collins 

Eliminate clutter.
–Kim Furstenwerth

When something is right, you feel it immediately. If you have to stare it down for a few minutes, it’s not.
–Tracy Rasor

A clean design plan is a must before the decorative finish can be considered.
–Mary Anne Smiley

Always address the architecture and light in a space as a primary focus. With these details in harmony, the design will flow with greater ease.
–Erin Sander

I place a table and a lamp beside every chair/sofa. Design needs to be practical. Who wants to sit in a chair with no light for reading and no place to set a drink?
–Jan Showers

Strike a balance between timeless and trendy.
–Leslie Jenkins

Always have at least one quirky item that you love in each room of your home, preferably a one-of-a-kind piece with some age to it—something with soul.
–Mary Cates

Add color, mix, repeat!
–Rhonda Grubbs

Use symmetry in the major room components.
–Stephen Dunn

Live with what you love.
–Rania Nasser

A great bench or ottoman, in a beautiful patterned fabric or texture, works in any room.
–Liz Lank Williamson

Black and white with a touch of taupe. 
–Samantha Fisher

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