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Entertaining Essentials

Dallas designers on their must-have elements when having guests over.
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Board games.
–Kim McCue

Good music and good lighting.
–Gonzalo Bueno

A good corkscrew.
–Alana Villanueva 

Silver makes everything look elegant.
–Amy Walton

My wife.
–Paul Draper

Vintage bar glasses.
–Rhonda Grubbs 

A great playlist that builds as the evening progresses.
–Mike Mousel

A dozen hurricane lanterns. 
–Susan Bednar Long

I light a ton of candles and put them everywhere. They are so romantic.
–Tracy Rasor

A good bartender.
–James McInroe

Flowers from Grange Hall always bring a sense of luxury and life to any setting.
–Brant McFarlain

Carnations are versatile, create texture, and mix well with other flowers. Bunches in small compotes are also fun and whimsical. 
– Glen Boudreaux

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