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Dallas Designers’ Pet Peeves

They share their biggest decorating no-nos.
By D Magazine |

Accent walls—just paint your room one color. If you want to be bold, be bold.
–Amy Thomasson-Ramirez

–Ashley Avrea Cathey

Lamps that finish at different heights in the same room.
–Betty Lou Phillips

Matchy, matchy, matchy.
–Brant McFarlain

An over-designed room and too much fringe.
–Liz Lank Williamson

–Amy Berry

Chandeliers that are too small.
–Catherine Dolen

Spaces that feel anonymous.
–Debra Owens

Modern with modern, and interiors that are all new and not collected.
–Jan Jones

Over decoration.
–Elizabeth White

Trends—I hate the overexposed.
–Philip Thomas Vanderford

Beautiful pieces only create beautiful design when they relate to each other as a whole.
–Lisa Sorenson

Nothing good happened in the 1980’s design-wise, so the trend to return to them is not good.
–Jan Showers

Textured walls.
–Lisa Henderson

TV shows that make everything look so easy and fast.
–Joanie Wyll

Round rugs.
–Julie Stryker

Too many elements in a space yelling, “look at me.”
–Mary Cates

Unfinished rooms.
–Stephen Dunn

You can have a great–looking piece, but if the scale is wrong, it’s like an ill–fitting dress.
–Samantha Fisher

Knowing where all the room’s accessories were purchased.
–Susan Bednar Long

Too fancy.
–Emily Summers

Clutter and overall darkness—not enough contrast so that everything is muddy and has no life and sparkle.
–Suzy Childress

Too much pattern–on–pattern.
–Tracy Rasor

I don’t like to be uncomfortable in a room. I really don’t like when scales are off: massive armoires, oversized light fixtures, and rugs too small for their rooms.
–Cynthia Collins

Rugs sized like postage stamps? Not on our watch!
-Dawn Bergan, Charlotte Comer, & Leslie Jenkins

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