The new family room sits on the site of the old garage. Designer Carrie Hatfield combined a burl Milo Baughman coffee table, custom sofa and side tables, Lucite tables from George Cameron Nash, antique stools, Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman chairs, and a rug from Stark Carpet. The lamps are containers Carrie found and then repurposed and repainted. The pillows on the chairs are from Kelly Wearstler.

Jenny and Jeff Staubach’s Greenway Parks Home

It was all relative when the couple decided to move.

Jenny and Jeff Staubach needed space. More specifically, they needed more room in the great outdoors for their three kids to run. They were looking for a little more privacy than their University Park home afforded. And they really wanted a pool. 

So they began looking for different digs, and the hunt became something of a family affair—Jenny’s younger sister, Carrie Hatfield, is an interior designer, and she joined them on their quest. In the end, their search coordinates were pretty narrow. “Greenway Parks is such a peaceful neighborhood. It’s really the only place we looked,” Jenny says. 

“I ended up going to look at a few houses. Some were great, but they didn’t quite work. When we saw this one, it wasn’t perfect, but it had such a great feel—the light, especially. It just felt like a great family home, and a great place to start,” Carrie says.

Jenny agrees. “We actually know the former owners of the house,” she says. “It was just one of those things; the house felt right.”

“Carrie is so talented. I feel so lucky because she’s my sister, and she can say, ‘Okay, that doesn’t look good.’ She’s got the eye.”

Jenny Staubach
“Right” is not necessarily synonymous with “move-in ready.” In this case, some major changes had to go down before it would work for the family. Jenny and Jeff wanted to open up the kitchen to a new family room. Jeff really wanted a workout room. And then there was that pool that the family had their hearts set on. The garage was going to have to move to make that happen. So they brought in architect David Stocker and contractor Robert Skinner to help realize their vision. Getting permits and approvals from the city and neighborhood association took about six months. The garage was the real sticking point. “You can’t do anything to hurt the views of the greenbelts. So we couldn’t move the garage behind, and we couldn’t move it to the other side of the house. There were setback requirements,” Jenny says. “It really took a lot of patience from everyone, but everyone worked through it.”

Once the permits were secured, construction took another six months or so. It was a bit longer than the Staubachs had planned. “We did end up having to live with the in-laws for about a month,” Jenny says. “They were saints. It was really fun, and it was very sweet of them to allow us to do that.”

Meanwhile, Carrie set to work on the interiors. She tried to use as many pieces from the Staubachs’ former house as possible, but the two homes were pretty different. “Their old house was a new-build; it had 10-foot ceilings. This house was built in the 1930s and had a completely different character and scale. I knew we had to go in a different direction. The interiors needed a fresher feel in this house, and because some of the rooms were smaller, a standard-size piece of furniture wasn’t always going to work. We reused what we could and created custom pieces for other rooms,” Carrie says. 

The house sits on a lovely street in Greenway Parks.

Designer Carrie Hatfield created a great modern mix. We love how youthful the house feels while still maintaining a classic, traditional flair.

The sisters are very close and work well together. Jenny and Carrie, along with their sister, Susanna, grew up in Plano, and went their separate ways for college. Jenny headed for Gettysburg College (eventually finishing at SMU) while Carrie studied interior design at TCU. She moved to Austin and worked with designer Roy Materanek on many high-profile projects including (pre-scandal) Lance Armstrong properties. She eventually moved back to Dallas, got married and, like Jenny, now has three children. While the sisters share an aesthetic, Jenny says she leaves major decisions up to Carrie. “Carrie is so talented. I feel so lucky because she’s my sister, and she can say, ‘Okay, that doesn’t look good.’ She’s got the eye.”   

“We do have similar taste—that’s what’s so fun about it for me. Jenny has a harder time visualizing things, but she knows what she likes. But she’s open,” Carrie says. “And Jeff is so great. I adore him. He has ideas. He really wanted his study to be a certain thing. That was kind of the selling point on this house—his study is way away from everyone. He doesn’t get too involved, but if he doesn’t like something, he’ll say so.”

The house is now bright and open. The brand-new kitchen features a sophisticated nook that combines Holly Hunt-textile draperies and Quadrille velvet pillows with a Saarinen table, Turner chairs, and a completely “wipeable” banquette covered in Joseph Noble vinyl. It is one of Jenny’s favorite spots in the house. “It’s such a family space for us. After the kids leave for school, I sit there and organize myself. I read the newspaper and have some tea.”

“Greenway Parks has changed my life. Honestly. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place.” 

Jenny Staubach
Both sisters also love the new master bedroom. “It’s rare that you find a master with that kind of view,” Carrie says. “There are windows on three sides, but it’s still separate from everything else. It feels like a real retreat to me. Sometimes people don’t think about their master being so special, but it really should be.”

The entire house is a lovely mix, full of surprises. Depending on where you go, walls may feature Gracie wallpaper or pieces by artists such as Stuart Mathews, Jessica Snow, and Meredith Pardue. Custom tables and Wickersham sofas mingle with vintage pieces from Cain Modern and Sputnik Modern and antiques from Nick Brock Antiques and John Gregory Studio.

“I love the search. It’s really the most fun part of projects for me. I do buy things all over,” Carrie says. “I love the mix here. I love that it’s comfortable, too. This place has to be family friendly. Everyone who walks in the family room says, ‘I can’t believe you did white sofas with three high-energy kids.’ Be we Scotchgarded everything, and I think it works great.”

So will the Staubachs be looking to pull up stakes any time soon? Not likely. Jenny says that she and Jeff love the house, but more importantly, they absolutely adore their neighborhood. “Greenway Parks has changed my life,” she says. “Honestly. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place. The kids can go outside and run on the greenbelt. People are friendly. I feel like it’s kind of a unique place in Dallas.” 


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