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A Towel Throwdown

These are worth keeping in your linen closet.
By D Magazine |

It’s one of the most common questions we get: What towels are the best? We put 10 to the test (including eight stints in the washer and dryer). In the end, some deserve a place of honor on the shelf; others should be left in a heap on the bathroom floor. 

(from left to right)

SDH Legna
It was love at first sight with this one — it was silky and pretty and soft. We wondered if there might be problems with absorption though. Nope. This fancy towel worked as great as it looked. And somehow, after multiple washes, it looked and felt better than when we began. $90, Casa di Lino

Matouk Milagro
This bath sheet could really double as a blanket, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Our bathing beauty said it was very thick without being heavy. Unfortunately, it sort of took on the properties of a stuffed animal after multiple washes.
$78, Linen Boutique

Fieldcrest luxury
This towel looked and felt amazing—especially for the price. We liked the size and felt like it provided a good wrap around body and head. Unfortunately, it didn’t wear well after multiple washes. It was still soft, but it looked three years old. 

Pottery Barn Classic
At first glance, we were concerned about the heaviness. We were right to worry—the density negatively affected the bathing experience. After washing, the cream color faded to white and the towel became hard. Good for unwelcome guests.
$29/Pottery Barn

JCPenney Home Quick-Dri
We were immediately drawn to the pin-drop pattern and the thin-but-plush feel. Our bather liked its bang for the buck. She said it dried super fast, and it stayed soft and looked good after several trips to the washing machine. 

West Elm organic woodgrain 
The raised pattern got our attention. The towel reminded us of something you might find at a hotel—it was kind of scratchy, short, and small. After use and washing, we recommend putting it somewhere people can see it but won’t actually use it.
$24/West Elm

SDH Jumbo Waffle
Just looking at this bath sheet made us think of a spa, and that made us happy. We liked the weight and the texture. During use, it was great for exfoliation. Sadly, things took a strange turn after several washes — it shrunk about six inches. 
$119/Casa di Lino

Matouk Cairo
We were drawn to the pretty border and had a very good feeling about the absorbancy possibilities. And indeed, it did absorb, but it took a full day to dry after use. After multiple washes, it still looked nice.
$54/Casa di Lino

Restoration Hardware 802-Gram Turkish Towel
We were an office divided on this towel. If you like super thick and dense towels, this one will probably appeal to you. Our tester found the absorbancy to be wanting, and the texture became coarse after multiple washes.  
$43/Restoration Hardware


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