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3 Great Holiday Arrangements

We asked three local floral pros for creations you can easily make happen at your next extravaganza.
Photography by Manny Rodriguez

Haile Wossen, Anthos Floral

How to Make It:
1. Wrap red-and-white polypropylene rope from Home Depot (or any hardware store) around a vase. 2. Use pins or glue to secure the rope on the vase. 3. Tie the knot on one side for a pretty display. You can leave the ropes long on the end for a different look. 4. Fill the vase with water (always use hot water for hydrangeas) and place in vase. 5. In another vase, arrange the carnations.


Carnations will last through the entire holiday season. You can also add
festive decor with store-bought Christmas bows. Stick the bows back to
back to make pretty florets.

Debby Jewesson, Branching Out

How To Make It:
1. Start with an easy container like a six-inch-tall vase with straight sides. 2.
Use seasonal fruit like pomegranates (although you can achieve the same
effect with apples or pears) and stick thick tree stems from your
backyard in the fruit to make them stand upright. 3. Add the fruit to the vase in clusters. 4. Place a few cabbage roses, four stems of hypericum berry, and two stems of red spray roses in clusters as you go.


Always use sharp scissors to cut the stems at an angle. Place cut
flowers directly in water so they don’t get too much oxygen in the stem.

Morgan Williams, Cebolla Fine FLowers

How to Make It:
1. Take a zinc container and put in an oasis, which is a floral foam that is available at gardening/floral stores. 2.
Wet the oasis and cut it to fit in the vase. When wet, it will cut as
easily as butter. Two oasis bricks were used for this arrangement. 3.
Use one cymbidium stem (a premium, long-lasting flower) and detach the
blooms, leaving a one- to two-inch stem at the end of each bloom. 4.  Place the blooms in the oasis. 5. Accent with moss to cover.


Fill the vase with water every day to ensure the cymbidium lasts.