7 Home Gardens We Love

Get ready to cover a lot of ground—some very lush and lovely grounds—as we present some of D Home’s favorite yards in Dallas.

WHEN WE FOUND IT: September 2008
WHY WE LOVE IT: Even if you’re not a fan of Downton Abbey, you have to admit that the award-winning design of this front yard by Lambert Landscape Company is pretty spectacular. The structure and symmetry come together to create an English garden on St. Johns Drive. Drive by and see just how quickly you adopt an English accent.

WHEN WE FOUND IT: May/June 2010
PHOTOGRAPH BY: Stephen Karlisch
WHY WE LOVE IT: We fell in love with the home of Emily and David Corrigan even before we set foot inside. The heavily treed Bluffview lot is as close to nature as one is likely to get in the heart of Dallas. The stairs leading to the front door could have been merely taxing. But with the addition of a water feature that mimics the shape of the stairwell, this makes for a flight we truly fancy. Well done, landscape architect Coy Talley.

WHEN WE FOUND IT: September/October 2011
WHY WE LOVE IT: We like to imagine that our very wealthy best friend lives in this Charles Dilbeck-designed house. We like the idea of our car rolling into that great decomposed granite courtyard. The lush vegetation here could really take away from the architecture, but it doesn’t. And we would talk to our best friend about that, right before we asked for a loan.