7 Home Gardens We Love

Get ready to cover a lot of ground—some very lush and lovely grounds—as we present some of D Home’s favorite yards in Dallas.

WHEN WE FOUND IT: September 2008 
PHOTOGRAPH BY: Timothy Kolk 
WHY WE LOVE IT: What sort of backyard would you imagine to complement a 12,000-square-foot Mediterranean house complete with a cathedral-like Gothic hallway and a 7-by-18-foot mosaic Italianate kitchen wall? A little something with a center fountain and arbored columns, obviously.

WHEN WE FOUND IT: September/October 2012
PHOTOGRAPH BY: Stephen Karlisch
WHY WE LOVE IT: Homeowners Heather and Ray Balestri employed landscape designers Lee Roth and Glenn Bonick to create a serene environment fit for an amazing outdoor art collection and this koi pond.

WHEN WE FOUND IT: March/April 2005
PHOTOGRAPH BY: Scott Womack 
WHY WE LOVE IT: A student of Frank Lloyd Wright, David Webster George built this home on top of a limestone creek bed in Preston Hollow. We love how the natural setting is very much a part of the architecture. At the time of our story, you could only get to the house by driving down a long, narrow drive, and the front door was only accessible after crossing a wood-planked bridge.

WHEN WE FOUND IT: July/August 2012
WHY WE LOVE IT: We selected this house as one of the 10 Most Beautiful Houses in 2012. We imagined that nothing bad could ever happen here—it’s the stuff of fairy tales. Take the hedges. We aren’t normally big fans. But here, they are enchanted. And the cypress trees accentuate the peaks of the house. It’s all pretty magical.