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10 Most Beautiful Homes in Dallas

The 10 Most Beautiful Homes in Dallas 2013

Our sixth annual look at the houses with the greatest curb appeal.
By D Home |
Scott Womack
After six years, you probably know the drill. Every spring, the editors of  D Home drive the streets of Dallas looking for the most beautiful homes in the land. This is the most superficial of contests—we don’t take pedigree, location, interiors, or size into account. We only consider houses we can see (and photograph) from the street. That means no gates. After all, what’s the fun of putting the list together if you can’t check out the houses for yourselves?

All housing information is from dallascad.org or verified by homeowner.

8648 Langdale Circle

Why we chose it: According to the golden ratio, beauty lies in balanced proportions. So it’s no surprise that the perfect symmetry of this midcentury modern abode caught our eye. Who says we’re bad at math?

6292 Mercedes Ave.

Why we chose it: Designed by noted Texas architect David R. Williams, this house has an understated charm. And the single tall tree is like a beautiful brooch on a well-tailored suit.

3801 Normandy Ave.

Why we chose it: Our favorite part of this Highland Park estate is not the precision of the landscaping or the refinement of the French chateau. It’s the regal center balcony, where we imagine ourselves giving a rousing speech to our loyal subjects.

4731 Wildwood Road

Why we chose it: Even the toughest cynic couldn’t help but adore the whimsical details of this classic Charles Eilbeck design (landscaping is by M.M. Moore Construction). The winding stone path to the front door makes us feel like skipping. And whistling. (We don’t even know ourselves anymore.)

5317 Wateka Drive

Why we chose it: This house reminds us of the cool aunt we never had. The white brick exterior and flowers on the porch make it warm and inviting. But the minimalist landscaping gives it an urban edge. Fantasy aunt, we miss you.

4301 Belclaire Ave.

Why we chose it: What’s more medieval than a three-story English Tudor? That’s right. A jousting match. Note to the owners of this house: we know people at Medieval Times.

4518 Lakeside Dr.

Why we chose it: Throw a rock on Lakeside Drive, and you will hit something beautiful. It may be a fit runner jogging on the sidewalk, a cute couple lounging in the park on the banks of Turtle Creek, or an incredible house. But for our money, this stone manse with all of its accoutrements—awnings, fountain, turrets, and so forth—is the fairest of them all.

6955 Lakewood Blvd.

Why we chose it: Built in the 1960s, the house got a major makeover by the folks at MORE Design + Build. We have long admired this house—we actually ran the interior in the March/April 2011 issue of D Home. We drive past it often, just to take in the details—the tiles around the door, the shape of the great window in the front, the spindles used on the balcony. Honestly, what’s not to love?

6915 Tokalon Drive

Why we chose it: Doesn’t this feel like the kind of house where John Hughes might have set one of his movies back in the day? It’s dignified and upstanding and elegant. Here, the worst thing that might happen in life is that your parents forget your 16th birthday on the weekend your sister Ginny is set to marry Rudy Ryszczyk.

11310 Crestbrook Drive

Why we chose it: We made note of this “soft contemporary” a few years ago when it was a featured residence on the AIA Tour. Unfortunately, we often lose track of our notes. Luckily, we became re-acquainted with the house as we ran the roads. Clean and simple on the outside, it somehow feels like the interior offers a perfectly neat and cool refuge from the summer heat.

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