photography by Scott Womack

Hot Property: 6158 Preston Creek Drive, $1.25 Million

Who needs to visit the Dallas Arboretum when you can have something like it at home?

The idea came to you on a recent visit to the Dallas Arboretum. Maybe it was the gorgeous blooms or a Chihuly-induced daze. Whatever the case, you devised a clever plan to take up residence there. But why become a squatter and risk arrest when you can enjoy your very own Arboretum-like setting at this lovely home in Preston Road North Estates? Buy it now, and you can hang out on the huge stone-covered patio. Go for a stroll on walking paths while communing with nature. When you get hot, take a dip in your lovely pool and dry off while resting in your cabana. Once you solve the mysteries of the universe, head inside. Built in 1972, the fully updated interior features open, airy rooms. Prepare organic meals in a modern kitchen that gleams with granite appliances and limestone surfaces. Better yet, have tea. The Arboretum would want it that way.

Cathy Semos for Dave Perry-Miller & Associates. 214-676-0262.