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10 Most Beautiful Homes in Dallas

The 10 Most Beautiful Homes in Dallas 2012

Our annual exploration of the city's most exquisite houses.
By D Home |
Scott Womack
It’s hard to believe that this is our fifth annual beauty pageant for Dallas homes. Let’s be honest—there aren’t a lot of cities that could support five years’ worth of these contests. And there aren’t a lot of staffs who could withstand five years’ worth of arguments. (Sorry about insulting your moms, guys.)  But here we are, ready to name this year’s winners. You know the drill: we drive all around the city and—based on curb appeal alone—we choose the prettiest places. This year, we added something more–just to make things interesting. All residences are less than 5,000 square feet. So they’re pretty and petite.

All housing information is from or verified by homeowner.

6555 Bob O Link Drive

Why we chose it: This house makes a trip to New Orleans unnecessary. Isn’t it just wonderfully Southern and gracious? If we lived here, we would spend all day on the porch, wearing a caftan, sipping mint juleps. The neighbors are undoubtedly relieved that we do not, in fact, live anywhere nearby.

3437 Mockingbird Ln.

Why we chose it: If you grew up in Dallas, you remember this house. Rumored to be one of the oldest homes in Highland Park, it went through a rough patch. It was white with green shutters. It was empty. And it was almost torn down. This story has a happy ending, though—the house was saved and lovingly restored. And it’s one of the most beautiful homes in Dallas. The end.

306 N. Windomere Ave.

Why we chose it: Come on, who doesn’t love a Georgian Federal? Despite its modest size, it feels stately and important. One imagines the conversation here is about timely political matters rather than who will likely get the boot on Big Brother.

11737 High Forest Dr.

Why we chose it: We like to think that nothing too terrible happens at this sweet cottage. Like, if this house were in the tale of Hansel and Gretel, the kids wouldn’t get eaten by the evil witch. They wouldn’t get a mild case of diabetes or even a major stomachache from eating this house. They would just pop a couple of Tums and live happily ever after here.

7010 Airline Rd.

Why we chose it: We have loved this house for a very long time. We loved it when we drove past it for years and years. We loved it when we had the opportunity to stage a Mad Men-inspired photo shoot there five years ago. And we love it even more now that it’s had a little work done. It’s a midcentury masterpiece in a sea of Mediterraneans.

5638 Gaston Ave.

Why we chose it: You had us with the yellow door. We don’t know why, but a colorful door will get us every time. Add to this the clean lines and dainty details, and it reminds us of another thing we can never resist: a wedding cake.

1019 N. Montclair Ave.

Why we chose it: Sure, we like the whitewashed brick, but we chose this place primarily because it looks like the quintessential family house. As one person on staff put it: it’s for the Brady Bunch of our era. (She meant that as a compliment.) You just know this is the go-to place for trick-or-treat candy on Halloween.

9326 W. Lake Highlands Dr.

Why we chose it: We have been accused in the past of being partial to modern houses. Guilty! But even the most ardent traditionalist has to admit that this house is pretty incredible. Simply put: it’s art.

1446 La Senda Pl.

Why we chose it: Hypocrisy alert: we despise it when people compliment something by noting it “doesn’t feel like Dallas.” But, seriously, between the architecture and the xeriscaping, doesn’t this place make you think of old-school Palm Springs? It makes you want to throw a party and invite Dinah Shore and Bob Hope. Obviously, you’ll need a time machine.

4311 Rawlins St.

Why we chose it: What’s not to love? With the moss, the slate roof, and the stately feel of this house, it’s better suited for the Cotswolds than Oak Lawn. The good people who live here should smoke pipes and solve mysteries.

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