Virtual floors, backsplashes, and rugs—as well as the real deals—are available to enhance the customer experience at Patina. photography by Alex Ham

Patina’s Finishing Touches

The shop attends to all of your tile, wood, stone, and carpet needs.

Surely, you know Acme Brick, yes? The one that’s been around 100-plus years and employs Troy Aikman as a spokesman? Well, the good people at Acme Brick had a revelation. With the lull in new construction activity, they realized they needed to appeal to the remodeling market. They formed focus groups, they asked questions, and Patina was born. The light and airy Knox-Henderson store is the second to open—the first is in Fort Worth—and it’s all about the customer experience.

Have trouble imagining how a tile might look in your house based solely on a sample square? You’re not alone. Head over to the Floor Locator, a table-like, touchscreen computer. Punch in the ID number of the tile you like. Details such as price per foot, grout color, make, and model immediately appear. Touch the screen and see the tile laid down. Not sure about it? Touch the screen again to change the pattern or  the color of the grout.

photography by Alex Ham
photography by Alex Ham
Once that’s been settled, you can check out the kitchen area. There you will find a virtual backsplash in the company of a very real countertop, sink, and cabinet. Choose from a variety of patterns and designs and see how they really look above the sink.

Not everything is virtual here, of course. There are plenty of real samples—tile, wood, carpet—that you can reach out and touch. And, more important, there are real people here to help. Each store employs four degreed designers who can help seven days a week, no appointment necessary. Designers and an installation team are also available for site visits—they’ll get a feeling for your lifestyle, take measurements, and
answer questions.

My advice: don’t make your choices too quickly. Playing on the computers is really fun. 

Find more information about Patina Floor Design Store in our online guide to shops.

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