Ryan Rucker, Karen Kennedy, and Barry Gream went minimal in their 3,500-square-foot space to better showcase their fabulous finds. photography: bench and chair courtesy of vendors; portrait and interior by Elizabeth Lavin.

Modern Looks in the Design District

20c Design takes things offline in its new showroom space.

"We wanted to figure out how to create an art gallery for our pieces.” —Barry Gream photography by Elizabeth Lavin
Lovers of modern design know all about 20cdesign.com. Owner Barry Gream started the website with Karen Kennedy back in 1993. Co-owner Ryan Rucker came on board in 1997, and since then, they have become the people to see about all things modern—everything from furniture to art and lighting. But actually seeing them—and their merchandise—in person wasn’t easy. Sure, you could check stuff out on their site, as well as on 1stdibs.com. You might have gotten a chance to visit with the trio when they took the show on the road at places like the LA Modernism Show. And you’ve probably admired some of their fabulous finds in movies and television shows. Locally, they sold mainly to the trade. But no more!

Everyone is welcome at the new Riverfront Boulevard 20c Design showroom. Located in the Design District, where great galleries mix with the best showrooms, this isn’t a crowded warehouse designed for digging. Gream and Rucker have created 3,500 square feet of thoughtful space—an art gallery, really—designed to give visitors an idea of the full potential of each piece. Merchandise changes frequently—Rucker says they’re buying all the time. They also do consignment. So while the store and the website—it’s currently getting a redesign—are keeping them busy, they’re more than ready for a little face time.

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