BUY IT: The Ice Lite floor lamp from Fendi Casa features handmade Murano glass arms and a polished steel base. $8,260.

Is This Lamp Crazy or Cool?

Ice Lite floor lamp from Fendi Case: artfully over-the-top or fit only for the scrap heap?

1 “So cool! A perfect foil for the gigantic leather sofa and authentic Navajo rug at the ranch. Sometimes there is virtue in being unabashedly contrived.” Christine Allison, D Magazine Partners president

2 “I like it. It would work perfectly in the office area of my super-villain lair, right next to my titanium zebra-torso end table.” Zac Crain, D Magazine senior editor

3 “Antlers? Still? I think we are all ready to move on to some other animal design detritus.” Lucia Simek, writer and artist

4 “No, no, no! If I see one more new design or art concept utilizing antlers, I will go out and throw myself on the rack of an eight-point buck. Enough already.” Christina Rees, curator of Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, TCU

5 “Whoa. Is it an abomination of antlers or the shrimp cocktail from Beetlejuice? Either way, let there not be light.” Lindsey Wilson, arts writer


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