HOUSE BEAUTIFUL: The goal of the new Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams showroom is to make your home an oasis—with items “not only physically comfortable but emotionally comfortable as well.” photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Meet Knox-Henderson

The home furnishings store brings its clean, contemporary aesthetics to Dallas.

D: Tell me about the company.
MG: We’ve been around since 1989 and are based in Taylorsville, North Carolina. We have 17 signature stores across the country and also manufacture items for Pottery Barn. I oversee our marketing, finances, and sales. Bob is the president of design, so he works with a team to create everything you see as far as product. Bob and I have a synergy with design and marketing—we’re both involved in every aspect of the company. It’s not easy for some people to have a successful partnership for 21 years, but it is for us.

"Most of our pieces are modern with a traditional spirit.” -Mitchell Gold photography by Elizabeth Lavin

D: What is your design aesthetic?
MG: Clean and contemporary. Most of our pieces are modern with a traditional spirit. For example, we’ve taken a traditional chesterfield couch and covered it in linen, giving it a contemporary twist.

D: Why Dallas?
MG: We’ve gotten lots of requests to open a store here. Dallas is a vibrant, stylish market. We’re excited that we were able to find a great location in a high-traffic area.

D: What inspires you?
BW: I create for myself. I design things I would want personally, whether it’s for the house I currently live in or my future dream house.

D: What sets you apart from other home furnishing stores?
BW: It’s the simplicity and cleanness of the design. We try not to make things busy. We want it to be as relaxing as possible. As soon as you step outside you’ve got a million things yelling at you, so your home should be a place you can relax. We want our furniture to not only be physically comfortable but emotionally comfortable as well.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams 4519 McKinney Ave. – 214-753-8700

new location: Leaving the Nest
Nest also joins the ranks of McKinney Avenue shops. In celebration of the store’s fifth birthday, owner Heather Wiese-Alexander and buyer Donald Fowler decided it was time for a change. The new place has a completely different feel from the Snider Plaza location. They describe it as “industrial chic” with a contemporary twist, and they’ve added about 2,000 square feet of floor space, redesigned their logo, and brought in tons of unique items from Europe. “We wanted it to feel fresh and unlike any other store in Dallas,” Fowler says. And although it’s a new space, never fear. The fun mix of home furnishings and gifts remains the same. There’s just more of it.  4524 McKinney Ave. 214-373-4444.