I think the new term is ‘upcycling.’” -Sonya Eudaley photography by Josh Martin

Dirt Floral and Wisteria Grow New Roots

A garden shop in Bishop Arts and a relocated outlet store on Cedar Springs have a lot to offer.

There’s so much to love about Dirt, the newest little shop to pop up in the Bishop Arts District. Newlyweds Chris and Sonya Eudaley have set it up more like a gallery than a gift shop. “It’s a true artists’ studio,” Sonya says. “We live here [above the shop] with our little dog, Blue, and create and sell our art.” Sonya, who is an artist, painter, and sculptor, has been in the floral and event design industry for more than a decade, while Chris’ creativity stems from a photography background. Though they do their fair share of weddings and events, they pride themselves on their custom patio-scaping and terrace design. “We specialize in high-rises and luxury homes that need modern, artistically designed plants and plant-scapes,” Sonya explains. The couple does all this while keeping a keen eye on their carbon footprint. “I think the new term is upcycling,” she says. They do things such as repurpose coffee cans into vases and source local recycled glass. You can get in on the gig, too. Bring in five or more cans and get a 10 percent discount on your potted purchase. They’re even giving away free dirt—mulch made from the flower waste produced in processing.
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photography courtesy of vendor

Wild for Wisteria
Your next shopping spree won’t require a mouse.
Who doesn’t love flipping through the Wisteria catalog and seeing all the pretty things it has to offer? Good news. Take a break from flipping. Instead, get in the car and set the GPS. Wisteria owners Andrew and Shannon Newsom have moved their outlet shop from Carrollton to a bigger space on Cedar Springs and Mockingbird. Save plenty of room in the trunk for original antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces from all over the world that you can’t find in the catalog. So that means peeling yourself off the couch will be well worth it. 6500 Cedar Springs Rd. 972-919-3624. wisteriaoutlet.com.