Brent Hull photography by Tadd Myers

Brent Hull’s Marvelous Millwork

This crafty craftsman makes a trip to Fort Worth well worth the trouble.

"It can be frustrating being a purist. But people care more when I explain.” -Brent Hull photography by Tadd Myers

We admit it. When we got the call, we didn’t want to drive all the way to Fort Worth. But then we arrived at Hull Historical, and the clouds parted. Angels sang. Sure, owner Brent Hull is easy on the eyes, but the real star here is the incredible millwork he and his team do. Think fabulous doors, window moldings, wall panels, and cabinetry—Hull designs and creates his pieces while maintaining the architectural integrity of the house. So how did the Marksman get his start? After graduating with English and history degrees from Baylor University, he took off for Connecticut and enrolled at the North Bennet Street School. “It’s a high-end trade school,” Hull explains. “They teach everything from furniture making, violin making, and book bonding.” After graduating, he and his wife relocated to Fort Worth, and he’s been making the world a more elegant place ever since. He’s done home building, worked on courthouses around the state, and added gorgeous details to homes around town. So, how are things at the Hull house, we wondered. “It’s like the cobbler’s kids who have no shoes,” he says, laughing. “It’s shameful, really.”

Hull Historical 201 Lipscomb St,. Fort Worth – 817-332-1495