When it ran: May/June 2008 Why we love it: It’s so moody and atmospheric, right? Everything from the color and the opulent accessories to the large-scale furniture should make it intimidating. But it’s just the opposite: it’s inviting. As one staff member said, “I’d like to go in and take a nap.” Trust us, this is high praise coming from her. Interior by: Myrl Talkington photography by Stephen Karlisch

Our Favorite Rooms in the History of D Home

We argued long and loud over the greatest spaces displayed in our pages.

During the last 10 years, we’ve knocked on a lot of doors. And, on many occasions, we’ve been invited inside. Some of the loveliest people in town have trusted us to tell their stories and photograph their beautiful homes. As we paged through the archives, choosing 10 rooms proved to be quite a task for the D Home editors. Magazines were thrown. Barbs were traded. Mothers were insulted. There were tears. And now we present our most beloved rooms.


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